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Manufacturer: Bioteq Labs UK
Substance: Chlorodehydro Methyltest
Pack: 100 pills x 10 mg



The active ingredient, turinabl, is a chlorodehydromethyltestosterone with a structure very similar to that of Methandrostenolone.
The androgen activity of turinabol is very weak, only 50% of testosterone, while the anabolic activity is up to 180%. The drug does not convert to estrogen and does not cause side effects such as water retention, high blood pressure and breast development in men. Turinabol had little inhibition on endogenous testosterone levels. Today, turinabl can safely be considered one of the safest anabolic steroids.
Possible side effects:
Turinabol does not convert to estrogen and does not cause side effects associated with it: male breast development, elevated blood pressure, water retention in muscles, etc. By taking this anabolic drug, athletes can get a group of high-quality muscle mass in a short time, but, like other anabolic steroids, you should not exceed the recommended dose.
Function of the drug:
Increase muscle mass moderately;
Enhance the quality of muscle fiber;
No side effects of estrogen;
At the end of anabolic steroid cycle, there was almost no rollback;
Do not significantly increase erectile dysfunction.
For a group of muscles, turinabl should be used in combination with:
This combination yields better results than using each drug alone. The stacking effect of the drug and deca is very good.
Turinabl cycle:
When taking turinabol, strength growth and muscle mass did not improve rapidly, but the final effect was very good. The drug reduced the level of SHBG and increased the level of free testosterone. A typical dose starts at about 30 milligrams per day and is divided into three equal doses. The daily permissible dose of turinabol is 50-60 mg. The period must be at least 5-6 weeks.
The preparation has a wide range of uses and is suitable for mass increase and drying cycle. Turinabol does not need to contain antiestrogens in the cycle. The individual turinabol cycle is suitable for athletes with sufficient weight, otherwise, it is better to use the drug in combination with other anabolic steroids.


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