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Manufacturer: SP Laboratories Europe
Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Pack: 10 ml x 100 mg/ml



Testosterone propionate – one of the shortest testosterone esters, but it doesn’t make it more and more unpopular in bodybuilding. It is designed to improve muscle quality and strength, but because of its function, it is more often used in the dry period. Testosterone propionate 100 – a testosterone molecule linked to an ester of propionic acid that defines the properties and pharmacological actions of that particular substance.
Effect of testosterone propionate:
gain weight;
Improve power performance.
Burning fat;
Increase muscle clarity;
As mentioned earlier, this testosterone is characterized by a short duration. Testosterone propionate is usually injected within one day. This is one of the disadvantages of drugs. As for the second minus – it’s its high cost. However, it has universal significance and can be used in drying period and large-scale raising period.
How to use testosterone propionate: dose, cycle, PCT
For beginners, the dosage should be less than that of experienced athletes. The most common complaints of testosterone propionate side effects are acne, female breast development, alopecia and hirsutism. Don’t forget to read the instructions and ask for professional help if necessary.
Testosterone propionate does not retain water in the body when used and dosed properly. Therefore, don’t expect a sharp weight gain, but weight gain will improve quality and dryness. As a drug benefit, it can be applied to athletes of all ages and experience levels. It can be taken alone or in combination with other drugs to produce more obvious effects.
At a dose of 50 mg per day for 4-5 weeks, the weight will increase significantly.
Warning: keep out of the reach of children. For adults only.


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