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Manufacturer: SP Laboratories Europe
Substance: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Pack: 1 vial x 5000 IU



SP gonadotropin 5000IU is used in bodybuilders at the end of the anabolic androgen steroid cycle to prevent muscle tissue rupture.
It’s also important in restoring normal function to the testicles.
An athlete’s testicles may contract several times after anabolic steroids are used for a period of time.
SP Gonadotropin 5000IU can effectively bring them back to normal size.
When used with a low-calorie diet, athletes burn off excess fat from their muscles.
Women can also burn off unwanted fat with the very low calorie SP gonadotropin (5, 000 iu).

SP Gonadotropin 5000IU is an injectable drug produced by SP Laboratories, which contains human chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) as the active substance.
This is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy, by the placenta, which develops after conception, and then by syncytiotrophoblast cells, the placental component.
One of the USES of hCG is to suppress hunger and to trigger the body to use fat as fuel.
HCG is also used to induce ovulation and to treat female infertility, and to increase a man’s sperm count.
Bodybuilders use it during steroid cycles and post-cycle therapy to lose weight and increase testosterone production.

The most serious side effects that may occur with SP Gonadotropin 5000IU are: severe pelvic pain, swelling of the hand or leg, stomach pain and swelling, shortness of breath, weight gain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.
Other common side effects of SP Gonadotropin 5000IU are: headache, restlessness or irritability, mild swelling or weight gain, depression, breast tenderness or swelling;
The injection is painful, swollen or inflamed.
In boys, the drug can cause early signs of puberty, such as deepening voices, pubic hair growth, and increased acne or sweating.

The average dose of SP gonadotropin of 5000IU per cycle is 500iu to 3000iu per week (1-3 times per week).
If injected more frequently, the blood levels of the athletes were more stable during a single injection, which could increase levels of estrogen, which is caused by normal testosterone aromatization, and lead to breast development in women.
Some data show that some bodybuilders used 6000 iu for 6 days, but this is a risky thing, depending on the individual characteristics of the man.
As 5000IU of SP gonadotropin after periodic treatment, small doses of about 250-500iu per day should be used for 2 or 3 weeks.
A small dose is sufficient to initiate a reversal of testicular atrophy.
When starting an hCG cycle, bodybuilders must follow a 2 – to 3-week training interval, at least a month apart, and do not worry about the process.
SP Gonadotropin 5000IU can be used with Clomid or Nolvadex in the PCT and continue to be used after the HCG is no longer part of the cycle.
It is also recommended to begin the hCG cycle at the end of the normal steroid cycle, with the last cycle being most effective.


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