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Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
Pack: 10 x 1 ml x 100 mg/ml



N-lone-100 is based on Nandrolone propionate benzoate.The androgen activity of the substance was reduced compared to testosterone, and the anabolic properties of the drug were fairly modest.The steroid was compared with the classic Deca, except that the ester chain of phenylpropionate was shortened.As a result, the substance ACTS faster in the body, but for a shorter period of time (1-2 days, requiring frequent injections) and for a shorter period of time.

N-lone-100 — anabolic steroid, used by weightlifters and bodybuilders to play an effective role in weight gain and strengthen the body, ligaments, bones and immune system.

Effect of N – Lone – 100

Stimulation for extra energy – body fat storage (fat-burning effect);

Stable, medium-mass muscle growth with minimal rollback;

Enhancing immunity and anti-inflammatory effects;

Bones are strengthened by increased collagen synthesis.

How to use n-lone-100: dose, cycle, PCT

Women should limit doses to 50-100 mg every three days.

For men, the optimal dose is 100 to 200 mg (every other day).

The cycle is long enough to produce significant results: 6-8 weeks.Longer periods don’t guarantee better outcomes, but they do have many side effects.

In forums devoted to sports pharmacology, there has been debate to date about the frequency and dose of n-lone-100 injections.After examining the problem, we have prepared some Suggestions for you to ensure that both the efficiency and safety of the drug are improved:

N-Lone-100 combination cycle

Don’t forget to use a periodic anti-estrogen pill (for example, you can buy Clomid or Nolvadex).They will help eliminate the risk of adverse side effects (breast development, water retention, etc.).

The n-lone -100 is rarely used by experienced athletes on their own bikes.For the combined cycle, it is best to buy Turanabol, Winstrol, Dianabol.Depending on your goal, you can also purchase Boldenone, Masteron and other anabolic steroids.For maximum efficiency, a triple combination is also used in the formation of a high quality muscle release and mass.Please note that you should consult your doctor before purchasing anabolic steroids on such a powerful cycle.Also, always see your doctor when taking your medication.

N – Lone – 100 comments

As it turns out, Maxtreme Pharma’s anabolic products, including the n-lone-100, not only delight athletes, bodybuilders and swimmers, not only through the results of weight and strength gain, but also through lucrative bids.About the n-lone-100 reviews: in most cases, the reviews were positive.

Warning: keep out of reach of children.For adults only.


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