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Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
Substance: Drostanolone Propionate
Pack: 10 x 1 ml x 100 mg/ml



Maxtreme Pharma’s max-pro is used in sports pharmacology to improve performance and a set of muscle mass, especially when unwanted weight gain is involved.The fat-burning effects of max-pro make it possible, which also allows you to successfully use it for dry cycling.

The active substance max-pro is synthesized from dihydrotestosterone.The resulting Drostanolone has a more sustainable synthetic metabolism and metabolism in the human body.Drostanolone propionate is produced by broadcasting Drostanolone directly modified with propionic acid (carboxylic acid).This can prolong the effects of the drug on the body (in this case – two days after the injection).

The active ingredient of max-pro is Drostanolone propionate.This Drostanolone ester has a shorter half-life than the heptanoate form.This does not mean that max-pro is ineffective, just increase the number of injections.

The biggest effect

Stimulate muscle growth;

Reduced adipose tissue;

Inhibit the production of female hormones, tasteless;

Improved athletic performance;

Unable to convert to estradiol;

There is no excessive water retention in human tissues;

Lower globulin levels.

Improved venous attraction and relief;

It should also be noted that Drostanolone’s low rollback is attributed not only to the dryness and density of the muscles recruited, but also to its characteristic ability to inhibit catabolic responses.In addition, the desired properties can be improved by properly structured training, diet, and purchase of peptides, fat burners, dietary supplements, and vitamin/mineral supplements.

How to use max-pro: dose, cycle, PCT

As proved by the max-pro review, it is available for both men and women.If the following guidelines are followed, athletes will not only achieve good performance, but also minimize the risk of side effects.

Most of the max-pro solo cycling involves athletes who need to improve their strength characteristics, endurance, and physique, but don’t want to give up their current weight.Masteron can do this because burning fat tissue can reduce weight and thus achieve balanced muscle mass.

The cycle lasts from two to three months.

Women can also take mao-pro, and critics say female athletes will not be exposed to the virus if they don’t consume more than 100 milligrams of Drostanolone propionate per week.To improve muscle tone, you need only 50 milligrams.

For men, the recommended dose is 200 to 400 milligrams per week.Some people have raised it to 500mg with no consequences, but further increases will have side effects.

Max-pro should be injected three times a week or every other day, with more than three doses exceeding the dose.

Max-pro combination loop

In general, combinatorial cycles can be used to enhance the results of anabolism or diffusion of its effects.Max-pro was also added to the combined cycle because of its inherent ability to reduce estrogen and reduce the risk of side effects from other assimilating proteins.

Muscle growth with a low risk of side effects will provide a combination of max-pro and testosterone propionate.However, gonadotropins must be supplemented over a longer period to restore testosterone production.

To get high-quality muscle mass without excess water, buy norone decanoate or undecarbonone with max-pro.

In sports pharmacology, more experienced athletes can try using a set of muscles for a dry cycle.It lasts for 6 to 10 weeks and includes testosterone propionate – 150 mg injected every other day, quinone acetate – 50 mg daily, Drostanolone propionate – as testosterone, 150 mg every other day.The intake of Winstrol should begin in the fourth week of the cycle and must be administered at a dose of 50 mg per day.

Max – Pro comments

Statistically, the highest rating of max-pro was achieved muscle mass (88%).In order to meet the results of the protection required here, 87% of those using max-pro may be charged.When it comes to side effects, only 18 percent of the athletes complained, which is certainly helpful.Also, there is no point and the fact that the injection is painless.

Warning: keep out of reach of children.For adults only.


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