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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Europe
Substance: Clomiphene Citrate
Pack: 60 pills x 50 mg



Chemically, this is a very beneficial effect for athletes because testosterone levels are higher than normal at the end of the cycle.
When athletes stop taking the drugs, testosterone levels drop significantly and must return to their natural levels.
As a result, muscle mass and volume are greatly reduced.
Studies have shown that natural testosterone production returned to normal within two weeks or more, whether at night or after meals, when the daily dose of clomidine was between 50 and 100 milligrams.

Cloned protein (commercially known as clomiphene citrate) – a synthetic estrogen that is normally distributed to women who have difficulty having children.
For men, using Clomed increased testosterone levels.
That is, it ACTS directly on the pituitary gland.
This increases the body’s natural production of testosterone.

How to use cloning: dose, period, comment

In the early cycle, take two tablets (100 mg) daily.
The dose can then be up to one pill a day.

Effect of cloning

In terms of side effects, it is considered to be a fairly safe drug.
Both men and women were sealed off because there were no contraindications.
Women who use the drug help achieve a firmer appearance before a race.
There may be temporary visual impairment.

It raises testosterone levels when used in isolation.
As effective as anti-estrogen.
After completing the cycle, many athletes feel unwanted.
High levels of the hormone combine with low levels of testosterone, which can lead to breast development in women.
Cloning – solves two problems: blocking the harmful effects of estrogen;
The body’s natural levels of testosterone rise.

Warning: keep out of reach of children.
For adults only.


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