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Active ingredient: Somatropin (Human growth hormone)
Size: 10 vials * 10 iu
Dosage: 100 IU / kit



Product Description

SP Tropin is a peptide hormone manufactured by SP Laboratories, a reputable Eastern European manufacturing pharmaceutical products. This recombinant Human Growth Hormone (r-HGH) resembles and works much in the same way as natural HGH, making it a highly sought after product among parents with kids suffering from growth and development deficiencies. Administering the pharmaceutical to kids with growth issues facilitates normal growth rates. In addition, this high quality somatropin brand can be of huge benefits to athletes, as it works on the skeletal muscles to trigger collagen synthesis. This consequently helps build up muscle strength. What’s more, you can still use SP Tropin to speed up the recovery process in case you get injured. It facilitates bone metabolism and regeneration, causing fractures to heal. SP Tropin also helps with other smaller injuries and wounds.

The benefits of SP Tropin to someone at an advanced age cannot be overlooked, either. The active ingredient in this product stimulates penile erection, thus curing erectile dysfunction; a condition that older men are highly vulnerable to. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of one suffering from cardiovascular attacks, a condition that HGH-deficient adults are more prone to. SP Tropin stimulates the pituitary glands to produce more HGH, potentially keeping heart diseases at bay.

You don’t have to be an athlete, a child suffering from dwarfism, or an adult suffering from ageism to enjoy the benefits that SP Tropin has to offer. You can still use it to better your general health and well-being. It can-for instance- help with reducing obesity, as it triggers faster burning of body fats. For example, the somatropin triggers serum synthesis, which then helps with reduction of abdominal adipose tissue This natural method of beating obesity is effective and less-engaging, for those who’re trying to lose weight but prefer to stay away from the gym. Other important- yet, less-known- benefits of this r-HGH include improved sleep and cognitive functioning.

Product Specification

– SP Tropin is made by SP Laboratories. This reputable European pharmaceutical company has built a reputation over the years as a manufacturer of high quality r-HGHs and takes all necessary precautionary measures to ensure that their products are safe for human use.
– The active substance in SP Tropin is Somatropin, r-DNA origin.
– The product comes packaged in small rectangular boxes, each containing 10 vials.
– Each of these vials holds exactly 10iu of SP Tropin Somatropin. 10iu equates to 3.3 mg.
– Each vial is sealed with a blue stopper.
– The labeling on each vial features multiple anti-piracy features, which enables you to differentiate real SP Tropin products from counterfeit brands.

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