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Some of the key symptoms of an HIV patient includes lean body mass, lack of physical endurance, lack of energy and wasting or cachexia. For these symptoms, only one drug is known to work, Serostim. Serostim is the only FDA- approved treatment that can help HIV positive patients resolve these common symptoms. However, it is important to note that this medication needs to be taken while undergoing antiretroviral therapy. With proper administration, the medication has been effective for patients and adversely successful in seeing patients overcome these symptoms.


Serostim is a growth hormone produced through recombinant DNA technology. The drug has amino acids formulated like the (hGH) growth hormone, The drug is administered through injections where it is highly advisable to be conducted under the supervision of a physician.

Each dosage is supplied with a combination of antiseptic water, USP, for single use and Bacteriostatic water for multi-use administration. PH is then adjusted using sodium hydroxide of phosphoric acid. The solution must be colorless and must not be taken if it is cloudy or contains matter. The solution is to be taken immediately and any remains disposed of after.

Serostim Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Serostim by HIV positive patients include:

1. Increase energy levels.

2. Improve physical endurance.

3. improve lean body mass.

4. Treat body wasting.

Side Effect

Serostim has been known to cause a number of effects including:

1. Swelling up, especially hands, feet and around the eyes.

2. Muscle, Bone and joint pains.

3. Breast enlargement for men.

4. Skin sensation.

5. Nausea.

6. Tiredness.

To help ease on some of these side effects, patients are advised to talk with their doctor for possible pain relievers and reduced dosages.

Some Important Risk Information before or during the use of the drug includes:

1. One must not use the drug if they suffer from Cancer or are undergoing treatment of the same.

2. If a patient has just undergone surgery.

3. The patient has hormone allergies.

Other patients who need to inform their doctors before beginning Serostim treatment include; diabetic patients, pregnant and nursing women and patients already under other medication. These patients could suffer more severe side effects.


One of the most common signs of HIV among HIV patients is wasting and reduced energy levels, the one and the only way to treat this is by using Serostim. Unlike other drugs, it is effective, easy to use and FDA- approved for patient’s safety. For patients who are looking to solve their weight loss, the solution is in this drug.

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