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Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 10 vials * 10 iu
Dosage: 100 IU



Qitrope somatropin is a recombinant human growth hormone (r-HGH) that is synthesized in E. Coli bacteria. Despite being a synthesized human growth hormone (HGH), somatropin resembles natural HGH produced in the brain’s pituitary glands, in that it is a polypeptide with 191 amino acids. AS such Qitrope- a high quality somatropin brand- works by multiplying growth hormone (GH) levels within the body.

This product can be used to treat a number of conditions including, growth deficiency in kids, obesity, and aging. For kids suffering from growth deficiency, using Qitrope triggers the increased production of growth hormones within the body, thus facilitating normal growth. If your looking to beat obesity and shed off excess fat, then this might be the perfect pharmaceutical product for you, as it speeds up your metabolic rate, facilitating faster burning of excess fat.

Qitrope can also be used by sport players to help with faster healing of injuries, as well as growth of muscles and bones. What’s more, if you’re at an advanced age and prefer a more youthful look, you can use this brand of somatropin to wipe off those wrinkles from your face. The hormones- which bear a white, powdery appearance- are meant to be reconstituted using sterile water; after which the solution is injected into the body using a syringe.

Product Specification

– This high quality pharmaceutical is a product of Jilin Qijian Biotechnology Co. in China, a firm that has built a solid reputation over the years in the global commercial HGH industry.

– The product is GMP-certified, meaning that it falls in line with China’s product quality standards.

– The product comes packaged in small boxes, each containing ten vials with blue sealing caps. Each of these vials holds up to 10iu of the GH , which is in white lyophilized powder form.

– Qitrope is 99% pure, which is a huge step up in quality when compared to other lower quality somatropin brands from Jilin Qijian.

– The firm also guarantees that their product is of high quality and high safety; assuring you that there’ll be no nasty side effects, as of those associated with steroid use, for instance.

– To further ensure that their customers do not fall victim to counterfeit manufacturers of their product and potentially ruin their superb product’s reputation, Jilin Qijian have set up an anti-counterfeiting verification system. This system includes a verification sticker on the packaging, which when scratched, reveals a 16-digit code. When the user enters the code on the official Qitrope site and clicks on ‘verify’, they should be able to get a response as to whether the product they’ve purchased is genuine or not.

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