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10mg(30iu) 1.5ml HGH (Human Growth Hormone) cartridges



Omnitrope is also known as somatropin which is a growth stimulant. On that account, it helps to develop the growth hormones among children and adults. It is therefore recommended to people who have had growth failure. It is an effective drug that comes in different forms. This article examines all you need to know about Omnitrope. Read on to get deep insights into what the drug is about.

Forms of The Medication

It comes in two diverse forms which are powder and liquid. The lyophilized powder is stored in a vial which is 5mg. To keep the medicine efficient, the vial has bacteriostatic water of 1.14ml. The vial is also preserved suing benzyl alcohol. The medicine can only be used for three weeks after mixing it up with the water.

The liquid form is stored in pen cartridges which look exactly like writing pens. The doses come in 5mg and 10mg. The medication is ready to use, unlike the powdered dosage. When first used for injection, the medicine will be fit for use for 28 days. For efficiency purposes, the cartridge needs to be stored at a temperature of 36�F to 46�F.

Who can be treated using Omnitrope?

It is administered to both children and adults who have problems with growth. As for children, it treats hormone deficiency or GHD. If they appear smaller than the other children by ages 2 to 4, then Omnitrope is used. Others include Turner Syndrome, ISS, SGA and the syndrome by Prader-Willi. Adults are given the medication when GHD symptoms are determined.

Who shouldn’t use the medication?

Somatropin should not be taken by some people. It has adverse effects on certain groups of people and it can lead to death. Patients should, therefore, open up if they have chronic illnesses. This will help the physicians to get the appropriate drug to administer. It will save the patient from a number of complications. The following should not be given the medicine at any time.

-Pregnant and nursing mothers

-Those with vision issues caused by diabetes

-Cancer and tumor patients

-Patients who have undergone heart, and stomach surgeries

-Respiratory failure patients

-Diabetic patients

-People who are allergic to growth hormones medication

-Children who suffer from closed epiphyses

-Overweight children who suffer from the syndrome by Prader-Willi.

What side effects are expected to occur?

Omnitrope comes with a number of side effects. Some are mild and do not last for a long time. They also vary from one person to another. Thus patients should not have the fear of taking the medication. This is because the benefits out-do the risks associated with the drug. Patients can expect the following after drug administration.

-Muscle pain

-Joint pain


-Swelling, redness, and pain at the injection area

-Numbness and tingling

-Decreased thyroid hormone levels

-Increased levels of blood sugar

-Weakness and tiredness

-Carpal’s tunnel syndrome


Omnitrope is a safe medication to use on the intended patients. It helps to stimulate growth among adults and children. Thus, it rectifies any symptoms that could result from failure to grow and develop. Doctors should have a clear history of the patient’s records. This will help in knowing whether the patient qualifies to get the medication. It is the ultimate medication with side effects that are manageable.

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