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Nutropin AQ, or somatropin, is a human growth hormone administered through subcutaneous injection. It is only available with a prescription. Nutropin is appropriate for children and teenagers affected by
slow growth rates or abnormally short stature. Slow growth can result from insufficient production of growth hormone. It can also be caused by a genetic condition known as Turner syndrome or chronic kidney disease. Children and teens are candidates for Nutropin AQ if their height is shorter than
98.8% of other children of the same gender and age, or when their natural growth rate isn’t sufficient to reach normal height as an adult. Adults affected by a deficiency of growth hormone can also benefit
from Nutropin. Pituitary disease, disorders of the hypothalamus, radiation, and trauma or surgery can lead to insufficient growth hormone.

Nutropin is administered through injection because it is a protein. The medication would break down while passing through the digestive system if it was taken orally. Subcutaneous injections are given in the layer of fat just underneath the skin. Nutropin AQ can be safely administered to people with kidney disease at any time prior to a transplant. People using hemodialysis should plan Nutropin injections at night at least 3-4 hours after the end of a dialysis session. Nutropin must be refrigerated and shouldn’t be left unrefrigerated for more than an hour per day.

The NuSpin administration pen was carefully designed for fast, simple administration and accurate dosing. Prime each pen only once instead of priming before each injection. The pen is prefilled so there are no cartridges to remove or insert, and no mixing is required. A new sterile needle is used for only one injection then discarded. Move the outer cover down to cover the needle after each injection, then unscrew the needle from the pen. Dispose of all needles in a sharps container.

It is important to take Nutropin at the same time each day. A cell phone alarm or reminder may help ensure daily administration. Children using Nutropin treatment often do well when they are involved in the process and engage in a routine focused on their medication each evening. Treatment results may be very gradual and may not be noticable for several months. Adults and children may experience a reaction at injection sites. Irritation or pain at injection sites can be managed by switching sites frequently. Common side effects in adults on Nutropin therapy include carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint pain or swelling. Talk to the prescribing doctor about any side effects.

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