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10 x 10 IU vials of HGH (Somatropin 191AA)
10ml sterile water for injection
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Human growth hormones (HGH) are what our bodies need to develop. It also helps our bodies regulate composition, muscle and bone growth, as well as other bodily functions. HGH levels

Juvetrope is a near 100% pure human growth hormone on the market that is pharmaceutical grade. Used to increase muscle growth in a shortened amount of time, it is often referred to as Somatropin as well.

What Does it Do?

We produce HGH in our bodies naturally. Juvetrope is meant to suppress internal HGH effects in our body. Upon injection, Juvetrope increases tissuesand muscle size by enhancing glucose and reducing fat by increasing lipolysis, which is used to burn stored energy. It also stimulates the growth of the sarcomere (a structural unit in striated muscles). Not only that, but Juvetrope also acts as a support to your pancreas and aids in insulin production.


• Reduces BMI
• Increases energy
• Enhanced calorie burn
• Improves speed, strength and endurance
• Increases and improves metabolism
• Cut fat
• Bone density increase
• Thicker muscle
• Better focus
• Heals your body faster
• Boosts immune system
• Lifts your mood


• Each 100IU kit comes with 10×10 IU vials
• 10 ml of NaCl Ph balanced water

Does it Really Work?

Research shows HGH is in direct correlation with body growth and muscle density. To increase bodily strength, HGH is indispensable. Many bodybuilders can attribute their fat loss to HGH. For the best results to pack on muscle, HGH should be regularly administered.

To grow, HGH stimulates the cells in your body to multiply and increase in size. By the transfer of amino acids, it also helps increase the chance of muscle building by changing protein into muscle. Juvetrope is extremely effective in targeting muscle gains and increasing mass. Substantial fat loss and muscle gain are acquired by your body disregarding carbs and utilizing them at a lower rate while increasing the speed of burning fat.

Why Juvetrope?

With a high number of HGH available on the market, it’s imperative to identify which is authentic for obvious health reasons. Juvetrope is lab certified and is said to be the purest and most potent form available. Results can be seen in less than a month!

Doctors, including Dr. Andre Berger and Dr. Uzzi Reiss contest that human growth hormone injections are safe, can maximize your potential, and support overall vitality and may even have some anti-aging effects by keeping your body in tip-top shape.


Many celebrities have been linked with the use of HGH. It can be hard to shred your body in time for a competition or movie role, and HGH is the safest, purest, and most potent option for you to achieve impressive results in a short amount of time.

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