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Humatrope is a medical treatment option for both adults and children having common growth disorders. For the adults, it’s prescribed to those lacking the hormone responsible for natural growth. This condition is termed as growth hormone deficiency. The medication is also used by patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders (short-bowel-syndrome), Turner and Noonan syndrome, chronic kidney failure, and AIDs-patients to prevent extreme weight loss.

For the children, it’s administered to those having problems with normal growth due to a wide range of factors such as insufficient production of the growth hormone, being born smaller than usual and not increasing in the usual size after two to four years, and having SHOX (short-stature-homeobox) deficiency or Turner syndrome.

The substance is as an artificial growth hormone. It was approved in the year 1987 by the FDA for the purpose of treating young adults with growth failure. It’s available in three quantities (24mg, 12mg, and 6mg) for use with an injection device. For the case of syringe and needle users, the hormone is also available in the form of vials.

Administration and Dosage

The administration of this hormone should be carefully observed and directed by a trained and experienced physician who specializes mainly with health conditions associated with the growth of both adults and children. This would include SHOX and GH deficiency, Turner syndrome, and etcetera.

The actual dose is based on factors such as age, the condition being treated, and actual body weight. Patients should obtain the dose from their doctor and instructions be followed strictly for the use of the medication. The hormone is never used orally. It’s only injected under a person’s skin or into a muscle. See to it that you understand all the injection and mixing procedures before using the drug. It’s also recommended to visit the doctor in situations when you want to know whether it’s working both effectively and safely.

For pediatric patients, the advised dose should be taken daily by injection to the skin. The dosage should be between 0.025mg/kg to 0.035mg/kg in relation to the weight of the body. This is similar to 0.7mg/m2 to 1.0mg/m2 per day of the surface area of the body. For adult patients, the medication that should be injected is 0.15mg/kg to 1.0mg/kg each day. This is the starting dose and highly recommended to both obese and older adults.

Depending on the requirement, adults can increase their dose little by little over time. However, it should not be more than 1mg.

Side Effects

There are various effects connected to using Humatrope. The most common ones include the following:

– Joint, back, headache, and muscle pains
– Raping gain in weight
– Tingling, swelling, numbness
– Flu and cold symptoms
– Itching and pains where the drug is injected
– Gas in stomach and pain

Patients may develop other effects. They are recommended therefore to call their doctor immediately when they notice severe side effects.

When no to Take the Medication

The hormone should not be taken by children with growth plates (a condition is known as closed epiphyses) or people with cancer. Avoid using the medication if you have a brain tumor (active), breathing difficulties, injuries and surgery complications, cancer, diabetes, vision issues, or when allergic to substances containing Somatropin.

In conclusion, pediatric patients should not be treated based on their size or physical appearance, but depending on age.

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