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Genotropin is a form of human growth hormone important for the growth of bones and muscles.



Genotropin functions as a growth hormone prescribed for patients with growth problems and dwarfism. Pfizer pharmaceutical company is Genotropin’s manufacturer. Such product function as somatropin. It is a recombinant DNA which is identical to the polypeptide hormone produced by the pituitary glands. Its primary purpose is to facilitate growth. It helps in the growth of fats and hormones in the right amount. More precisely, it is used to remedy conditions where children’s growth is behind time. Equivalently, when suffering from Prader-Willi Syndrome or Turner Syndrome.

Genotropin comes as lyophilized powder accompanied with separate treated water, which needs reconstitution before use. Additionally, Genotropin could come as an injectable formula. Its administration is as that of insulin in diabetic patients. More precisely, it could be injected by a pen (pen-injection) or by typical injection after the reconstitution.

As a precautionary measure, before the use of this product, is advisable to consult a doctor. More importantly, disclosing the past medical records is essential before any advice from the doctor. Such steps are crucial since there are persons not allowed to consume Genotropin. One of the cases in children with Prader-Willi but have severe respiratory problems. Additionally, patients with an allergic reaction to somatropin should avoid using Genotropin. It is not clear if there is a transfer of growth hormone from the pregnant mother to the fetus. As such, it is also not necessary to use Genotropin during pregnancy unless it is indispensable.

The use of Genotropin could lead to severe repercussions. One of which could be severe headaches due to increased pressure in the brain. Prader-Willi and Turner syndrome patients are at a higher risk of such problems. There is a risk of curvature of the spine developing when there is rapid growth. Such conditions lead to scoliosis. Patients with scoliosis should consider regular checkup. It may also occur that the child faces knee and hip pains, leading to limping. Such cases are severe consequences. Otherwise, patients have to endure swelling and redness around the injection area. Severe cases may be bleeding and lump around the injection region.

In conclusion, the use of Genotropin may seem very disastrous, but when cautiously used, it is the right product. Matter of fact, many athletes take advantage of its performance benefits. It can be used to gain muscle weight and extra power during exercises. Even then, the FDA is present to deal with reports of adverse side effects of a product like Genotropin.

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