Why does the rainy season cause joint pain? Expert: rheumatoid arthritis treatment in the “standard treatment.

South rain is much, human body damp and hot is apparent, many old rheumatism person appears joint ache or the circumstance that ache aggravates.
Professor Gu Jieluo, chief physician of the rheumatology department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the rainy season does induce joint pain, but it is not the decisive factor.

In recent years, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is no longer limited to the control of symptoms, but to prevent joint damage, prevent disability, to achieve this goal, the key lies in the “standard treatment”.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have misunderstandings about treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis is a refractory type of rheumatism that is controllable but not curable.
Professor Gu jieruo said that the current treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, many patients have many misunderstandings:

Stop the medicine when the pain is gone.
Some patients in the treatment of a period of time, found that the symptoms of relief, on their own drug, no longer treatment.
In fact, many patients do not know “both symptoms and root causes”, clinical symptom improvement and complete remission of the disease is not the same, painless may only be a superficial phenomenon, the drug to ease the disease at will stop, the disease will continue to develop.

Worried about the side effects of western medicine.
Some patients worry about immune modulators slow-acting drug has side effects of this kind of control condition, is not willing to do as standard treatment, many patients by the day to eat, eat a few days he said did not did not eat, a look at the instruction thought of liver toxicity is bigger, more worry, rather sore joints, the last joint destroy, he never go to take medicine.

The concept of drug surveillance has not been established.
For severe rheumatoid arthritis patients, early will use a small dose of short course of hormone drugs, a lot of 10 mg of hormone medication every day, but patients often do not want to cooperate to take.
In fact, as long as the long-term monitoring of drug effects and side effects, it is possible to achieve the goal of slowly reducing drugs.

Unwilling to take imaging tests.
Rheumatoid arthritis patients often recommended imaging tests, but clinical many patients do not go to the photo, or the doctor did not let him go to the film.
“It’s not just about pain relief, it’s also about stopping or delaying the damage to the joints.”
“This is the most important core goal of rheumatoid arthritis treatment, to allow the patient to control inflammation without breaking the bone, or the joint will lose function and reduce mobility,” Said Gujero.
Therefore, the patient should cooperate with the doctor to do a good imaging examination.

Disease treatment focuses on “standard treatment”

To avoid joint pain and effectively prevent joint damage, the key lies in the “standard treatment”.

At present, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis drugs are divided into several categories.
One is to control the symptoms of drugs, including mainly anti-inflammatory analgesics;
The other is drugs to alleviate the disease, mainly including immunosuppressants such as methotrexate, salazosulfopyridine, leflemide, etc. From 1998 to now, three so-called biotargeted single-target, double-target, multi-target biological agents have been on the market. Now, targeted synthesis of DMARDs has emerged, entering the era of JAK inhibitors.

Such as represented by Barry for his piece JAK1/2 inhibitor, can by acting on intracellular JAK pathway, to directly class wind shut disease related to a variety of inflammatory cytokines, thus to control the disease, to prevent joint damage and deformation, and from the traditional biological agents of subcutaneous or intravenous changed to oral, in the patient’s medication adherence, economic benefit and benefit aspects of joints, is all the more advantage.

Why does the latest edition of Chinese rheumatoid arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment guidelines emphasize “standard treatment”?
“Standard treatment” : clinical remission or low disease activity achieved through treatment.
Standard treatment can stabilize the disease, block the course of disease and bone destruction, and improve the quality of life of patients.

“Patients still have insufficient understanding of the course of treatment, as well as the efficacy and the final outcome. Clinically, many patients are just satisfied with the treatment of symptoms and do not pay attention to the standardized treatment process with doctors.”
GuJie if said, “a routine observation treatment rheumatoid arthritis will need at least three months, general to six months, patients can achieve a joint is not red, swollen, pain, but many patients stop drug to indolence, hurt again eat for two days, and the whole medical system and perfect strategy is not enough, not reached the state of clinical alleviate casually by drugs and drug withdrawal, is out of the specification.”

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