“Web celebrity” vaccine has a domestic version, the price is cheaper! About?

The first batch of domestic HPV vaccine has been landed, and many provinces and cities in China can make an appointment for vaccination.
Industry insiders believe cheaper domestic vaccines could improve HPV vaccination coverage to more women.

As a vaccine to prevent cancer, HPV (human papillomavirus vaccine) has always been the “web celebrity” vaccine of social concern.
With the arrival of domestic bivalent HPV vaccines, which have a better price and a stable supply, women have more options to get vaccinated.

There is a domestic version of the web celebrity vaccine

“The price is lower, it might be better, should I call?”
Zhang Ningning, 32, who works in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, revived her interest in the HPV vaccine in early May when news broke.

On May 18, a 10-year-old wuhan girl became the country’s first inoculated domestic bivalent HPV vaccine (commercial name “Xinkoning”) at hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital.
The launch of Xinkelin has broken the dependence on imported vaccines.

Lei Chengzhi, deputy chief physician of gynecologic oncology department at the National Cancer Center and the Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said in an interview that human papillomavirus is considered to be the main cause of cervical cancer and other cancers, and both men and women may be infected. HPV vaccine can prevent related cancers in the right age and suitable population.

“When the message got out that you could prevent cancer by getting vaccinated, there was a time when every woman I met talked about whether to get the HPV vaccine, where to get it, how to make an appointment.”
In the view of zhang ningning, HPV vaccine is indeed “web celebrity” vaccine, entered the domestic market after its topic heat continued for a long time.

According to data from the China Academy of Food and Drug Administration, the HPV vaccine market in China has a gap of more than 1 billion doses calculated based on 356 million eligible women with 3 doses per person.

Currently, there are four types of HPV vaccines legally listed in China, including imported bivalent vaccine, imported quadvalent vaccine, imported nine-valent vaccine and domestic bivalent vaccine “xinkoning”.
Among them, the price of “xinkoning” is 329 yuan per injection. The first batch of 93,643 vaccines can be received by appointment since May.

Relevant departments said that due to the time difference in vaccine procurement and supply, it is recommended to consult the community health service centers or township hospitals vaccination clinics.

“It’s cheaper. I’m tempted.”

At present, Hubei, Xinjiang, Jilin, Yunnan, Jiangsu and Shandong have started using Xinkoning as the first inoculation sites.
On social media platforms, some netizens started asking questions about how to book an inoculation and how much it will cost.
For some young women, “where to get an injection” is the biggest concern after determining their intentions.

A reporter from The Workers’ Daily found that several cities, including Wuhan and Kunming, have domestic bivalent HPV vaccination services.
As of June 3, taking Wuhan as an example, there were 11 appointment booking clinics, community health service stations and other institutions providing the domestic HPV vaccine appointment entry, but there were also several interfaces showing the shortage of stock or vaccine.
In Kunming, there are seven institutions with pre-booked entrances on the mini-program.

Currently, Xinkoning has been launched in Baoshan, Dali, Kunming and other areas in Yunnan province, and many women have queued up to register and get vaccinated in community service centers and other institutions.

“It’s a lot cheaper than imported vaccines, so I’m tempted.”
“Said Chen Yi, who works in Beijing.
On June 4, she called the nearest community hospital and was told that there was no domestic HPV vaccine available, and that due to the impact of the epidemic, she had to wait for a phone call to receive an imported quadrivalent HPV vaccine. She decided to “wait and see”.

From “hard to find a stitch” to batch market

Talking about HPV vaccines, Guan Yunshan, who lives in Beijing, jokes that he was among the first “to eat crabs”.
In 2017, when she learned that imported HPV vaccines were entering the domestic market, she called every community hospital near her home.
On the first working day after the 2018 Spring Festival, she received the first imported HPV quadrivalent vaccine as she wished. “On the third day, my friend went back, and there was no vaccine”.

“One shot is hard to get” is how many people feel about the HPV vaccine.
In 2019, peng, who had just graduated from university, waited half a year before being allowed to import the nine-valent HPV vaccine, catching the “last bus” at the age of 26.

In addition, the relatively expensive price of imported HPV vaccine also makes some women hesitate to take it or leave it.
“I’m more than 30 years old and have spent thousands of yuan to get the vaccine. I don’t know whether the effect is good or not.”
Zhang Ningning said to reporters.

In her opinion, compared with the craze of HPV vaccination around 2018, this time the domestic vaccine is on the market more steadily.
“After all, the very enthusiastic are basically vaccinated, and those of us who are still hesitating may choose more rationally.”

Industry insiders said, with the domestic vaccine batch market, can better alleviate the shortage of DOMESTIC HPV vaccine supply.
Meanwhile, cheaper domestic vaccines are expected to increase HPV vaccination coverage and reach more women.

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