“The source of the virus is mysterious”!

At first, the United States insisted that China was the “source” of the virus, and several other countries agreed with the judgment of the United States. Later, the who presented evidence to emphasize that the source of the virus was natural and that every country could be the “source of the epidemic”.
But now, the most appropriate reality, or a series of investigations launched against the United States, a variety of abnormal practices, all show that the United States is the scourge of the world’s “cancer”, from the various evidence inferred that the United States as early as last July, the virus has begun to spread, and three strong evidence.

A fort detrick, suddenly closed, the United States, is an unprecedented bizarre behavior, in less than a month after the closing, the United States appears extraordinary epidemic infectious virus, killed more than 10000 people, 2 months, deputy director of the cia’s participation in the United States, organized a global epidemic exercises, and began to COVID – 19 starts in the global epidemic “exercise”.
It can be seen that at that time, the United States knew that there would be an outbreak of covid-19 in the United States. There was a big cat, so people naturally connected fort detrick with novel coronavirus.

Second, Israel once reported that the United States knew last year that the virus would break out in China. This news was published by the well-known Israeli media, which has certain authority.
Why should the us have warned Israel last November that the virus was spreading in China?
Such certainty sounded suspiciously suspicious.
You know, the outbreak in China occurred between December and February, so why did the us get the news one month in advance?
No doubt, all these make the United States exposed, is also a recognition that the United States is the epidemic “scourge of the world” cancer.

  1. Combined with the wuhan military games in October, more than 300 American athletes came to China, probably the beginning of the spread of the virus.
    The truth is that the epidemic is a long-planned “conspiracy” by the United States to spread the epidemic to the rest of the world. However, something went wrong in the process, causing the United States to “play with fire and burn itself into flames”, leading to today’s uncontrollable situation.
    Otherwise, the United States could not have asked the who to investigate the source of the virus and become so nervous that it would have threatened to quit the who.

So far, there is a 70% chance that the United States is the “source” of the virus. It is responsible for the epidemic in the whole world. The truth about the epidemic that the United States has been hiding will not be able to be hidden, and everything will come to light.
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