The American ventilator is in short supply, and the president comes out again to make “joke”! Trump: Injection of disinfectant!

According to the latest data, as of the morning of April 28, the number of people diagnosed with new coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 1 million. However, the data is still increasing rapidly. With the increasing number of diagnoses, there is a huge gap in the domestic medical supplies. Domestic medical supplies can no longer satisfy the increasing number of diagnoses.

The situation is getting worse, but Trump is pushing drugs arbitrarily. In the early days, without scientific proof, Trump vigorously promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine. Now it is even more ridiculous, even saying that injecting disinfectant into the human body may kill the new coronavirus.

Why is the situation in the United States getting worse

As the only superpower in the world, the United States cannot be denied its international status and economic strength. But in the face of this epidemic, why can’t the United States keep up with the pace of the world? The domestic epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious, and it is even gradually approaching the “epicenter”.

This has a very significant relationship with the US attitude towards the epidemic. In the early days of the outbreak, the United States “watched the fire from the other side” with a careless attitude, but did not know that it was already in the fire. Until the United States has been diagnosed with patients with new coronavirus. But it still hasn’t attracted attention in China. President Trump even laughed that “the virus will disappear like a miracle”.

Now, the domestic epidemic situation in the United States is very serious. The rising number of diagnoses has overwhelmed US medical institutions. Many people end their lives without even being diagnosed. A large number of patients in the “trench” tombs who died of the new coronavirus were buried.

Why the United States is unable to save patients with new coronavirus

As a technological power and military power. In normal times, medical institutions in the United States just meet people’s needs. However, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, a large area of ​​infection. Makes American medical institutions overwhelmed.

Inadequate medical facilities such as ventilators make it impossible for many people to connect and receive treatment.

Prior to this, although the United States sought help from other countries, all countries were busy controlling their domestic epidemic. Inability to give the United States more supplies. China is again restricted by the United States, and aid materials are not accepted by the United States. So that a large number of medical gaps in the United States cannot be filled.

Compared with the United States, Serbia’s control of the epidemic is more relaxed. Serbia is one of the European countries with an earlier outbreak. Seeking help from China in a timely manner because of no results from the EU. Received a lot of material assistance. There are even extra ventilators. The domestic epidemic situation has basically been brought under control.

Compared with personal interests, at this special moment. The people’s right to life and health should be watched even more. Trump, the US president, even if he has no medical talent, he should listen to the advice of professional medical staff. Instead of indiscriminate remarks, more people died.

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