It took her only eight years to go from being the world’s top supermodel to becoming addicted to drugs and dying of AIDS

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie,

When I was 23, I acted in a movie.

The main character is a rebellious young girl,

Because the play is so close to my own experience,

Cause her into the play too deep, too long to calm down,

And even stopped acting for six months…

This is an HBO biopic about the trend-setting and pioneering personality of the 1970s and ’80s, Gia Carangi — who became the world’s number one supermodel at 18, then turned into a drug addict and died of AIDS at 26.

Gia had a very bad family of origin. Her parents were always at odds and she often saw them fight.
When she was 11 years old, her parents divorced and her mother left the family alone, which caused huge psychological trauma to Gia who had been very attached to her mother since childhood.

A few years later, Gia met a boy named T.J., and on the first day, she dragged him to get a tattoo and have his picture taken.
At this time she has become a Tingting Yuli big beauty, her face even see more beautiful photographer can not help but praise, the photographer then strongly recommended her from a New York model company interview.

Gia followed the photographers’ advice and traveled from Philadelphia to New York, where the modelling agency’s owners met her and gladly recommended her to photographers, but it was up to her to make it through the audition.

As a result, Gia kept getting rejected after auditioning everywhere, until one day she met Linda, a makeup artist, and with her help she officially entered the modeling circle.

At the same time, Gia’s modeling career seemed to take off, and she became a hot newcomer with a steady stream of offers.

Eventually, she was spotted by a big company and began shooting in the fashion capitals of Rome, Milan and Paris, becoming the first person in the United States to be dubbed a “supermodel.”

At her peak, Gia was earning $10,000 a day, a whopping sum in the late 1970s.
Her fate, however, was like that of the shimmering lake in the afterglow of the setting sun. No matter how brilliant it was, it could not escape its bleak end.

In the 1970s, when life in the fashion world was so extravagant and rotten, many models took a drug called cocaine to maintain their energy.

Gia smoked marijuana at the age of 14 and, after modelling, became a natural crack addict. At first, she may have dabbled with it, but the pressures of work and relationships made her increasingly dependent on drugs.

For example, when her peers teased her about being in a bad mood, Gia turned to cocaine to ease her mood.
Later, the agent died of lung cancer, and in great pain, she turned to heroin to numb herself.

Gia, increasingly addicted to drugs, was on the verge of losing control. During a shooting, she suddenly had a seizure of drug addiction. She immediately left her work and fled the shooting site on a motorcycle, arriving at the home of a drug dealer familiar with her.

But the dealer happened to be out, only a drug addict who was about to inject himself with drugs, driven by the drug addiction, Gia chose to inject drugs into the body.

It was this choice that changed the fate of Gia, who did not know she was infected with HIV.
Later for the cause, she falsely claimed to have given up drugs, with a healthy image to return to the stage to collect money, but the erosion of drugs to her body and mind has let her back to the past.

Drug addiction during the show, secretly injected under the stage.
Within a few months, Gia had spent all her money on drugs. She didn’t even have the energy to work and sometimes fell asleep during the shoot.

Losing her job and no money to buy drugs, Gia sold her body. Drugs made her completely lose her mind, so she was sent to the drug rehabilitation center and went through the torment every day.

There, Gia was no longer a supermodel and no preferential treatment for her beauty, but it also led to a gradual sinking of her heart and the start of drug rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, fate did not give Gia a chance to start over. At the age of 26, she developed AIDS. Her body began to become dehydrated, have fever, develop disease spots on her body, and bleed vaginal blood.

Drugs may bring temporary physical or psychological pleasure and relaxation, but when the feelings slowly fade and disappear, followed by anxiety, depression, irritability and other emotions, these emotions will further aggravate depression.

In order to continue to enjoy the pleasure of relaxation and reduce anxiety, depression, irritability and other emotions, addicts will take the initiative to seek and take drugs, in this vicious circle, the human body will have a serious dependence on drugs, the old disease has not gone to add drug addiction, which is from one extreme to another extreme.

Remember: cherish life, stay away from drugs

Source: Poison Words Poison Words

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Anti-drug prevention education lecture into the Tianhe No. 1 Primary School

On March 15th, at the invitation of tianhe first primary school, zhang shengchun, deputy director of guangzhou drug control office, held a lecture on drug prevention education for more than 900 students in the school.
Lectures are held in a main classroom and relayed to all classrooms in the school through a video system.

In the lecture, the wonderful short video played on the big screen recorded the work of anti-drug police and introduced the types and harm of drugs.
The teacher’s vivid and humorous explanation made the students deeply realize the harm of drugs, and improved their ability and consciousness of detecting, preventing and resisting drugs.

After the lecture, the students were very excited and recorded their learning feelings through postscript.
“In the future, I will also resolutely say ‘no’ to drugs. I will not let drugs become a bullet for the anti-drug police,” Shen wrote.

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