Is leprosy terrible?

Leprosy can be prevented and treated, not terrible!

Leprosy is one of the three major chronic infectious diseases in the world.

The disease is a chronic contact infectious disease caused by the bacillus leprae and is transmitted mainly through inhalation of respiratory droplets and long-term close skin contact.

After it enters the human body, it will cause the immune balance disorder, produce allergic reaction, cause a series of skin ulceration on the face, eyes, hands and feet, and continue to deepen.
In severe cases, it can lead to a collapsed nose and eyes, ferocious features, and even disfigurement and limb stump, until death.

After catching the disease, the patient’s nervous system is damaged, body sensation gradually disappears, unable to perceive pain.

Although there is currently no “vaccine” against leprosy, the time when it was an “incurable disease” has long passed with the development of science.

In fact, leprosy is preventable and treatable. Early detection and early standardized treatment can lead to complete cure.

  1. How can we prevent leprosy?

There is currently no effective vaccine against leprosy.

Close contact with untreated infectious leprosy patients can reduce the risk of leprosy by wearing masks, washing hands frequently, practicing personal hygiene, strengthening nutrition and improving body resistance.

Leprosy is scary, but more than 95% of people have a normal resistance to Mycobacterium leprosy, and even when infected, the incidence is low.

  1. What are the symptoms of leprosy?

Leprosy has various clinical manifestations and early mainly anodyne to appear on the skin in light color or red rash, such as can’t early detection and timely treatment, the illness after procrastination leads to local skin numbness, dry, don’t sweat, some skin lesions of leprosy patients will not feel hot and cold and pain, serious can appear even eyebrows, eyes, facial deformities and the brotherhood of disabilities, etc.

Leprosy can lead to severe deformity and disability of eyes, face, hands and feet, which is one of the main reasons that leprosy patients have been discriminated against since ancient times. But now, because of medical progress, leprosy has been proved to be curable. Early detection and early treatment can avoid deformity and disability!

  1. Suspect leprosy

Where should I see a doctor?

When skin appear ant line or strange sensation such as heartburn, or such as red and white spotted, papules and plaques, nodules one or more skin lesions, often sweating or sweat, and sensory disorder, should take the initiative to go to check diagnose leprosy medical establishment that decide a dot, or with skin disease prevention and control of local court, standing (), center for disease control and prevention, chronic disease prevention and control of hospital (station), etc. Contact us.

The diagnosis and treatment of leprosy in China is free of charge.
Not treating or delaying treatment for leprosy because of fear of being discriminated against is not only a sacrifice to one’s health and future, but also an irresponsible and dangerous risk to the family and friends around him.

  1. Public awareness of leprosy

What are the misconceptions?

Myth 1: Leprosy is highly contagious, incurable, and extremities sores and disabilities are the inevitable outcome for leprosy sufferers.

After being infected with leprosy bacillus, can come on depends on organism natural immunity, 95% of above people have natural immunity to leprosy bacillus, even if infected with leprosy bacillus, the proportion of coming on is very low.
In addition, leprosy through early detection, early treatment can effectively avoid deformity and disability.

Myth 2: Leprosy is an inherited disease that causes it in the next generation.

Familial clustering of leprosy is the result of close contact with family members for a long time before diagnosis and treatment.
Leprosy specialists report that if a female leper’s newborn baby is separated from her mother, the baby will not get sick.

Myth 3: Leprosy is difficult to diagnose early and cannot be prevented.

There are two main reasons for delayed diagnosis of leprosy, one is the patient’s own delay, and the other is medical delay.
The former is the delay in diagnosis caused by the patient’s lack of attention to their own symptoms or other reasons.
The latter is part of the doctors do not understand the knowledge of leprosy, will not diagnose leprosy, resulting in medical delay.

After the isolated leprosy bacilli, in the summer sun irradiation 2 ~ 3 hours can lose its feculity, in 60℃ treatment for an hour or ultraviolet radiation for two hours, that is, lose its vitality.
It can be killed by boiling, high pressure steam and ultraviolet irradiation.
So develop good hygiene habits, keep indoor sunshine and ventilation, reasonable exercise to enhance physical fitness;
Preventive medication for all high-risk groups can help prevent leprosy.

Leprosy isn’t really terrible,

What’s scary is the way people treat it.

Let’s work together to achieve it

A world free of leprosy!

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