General Anesthesia Is “You Die Once”?

Introduction: Recently, a 27-year-old girl in Foshan, Guangdong Province, died in a hotel due to acute respiratory and circulatory dysfunction caused by sevoflurane poisoning, which has attracted much attention. So what exactly is sevoflurane?
Sevoflurane as a class of gas is an inhaled general anesthetic, and today we’re going to talk about general anesthetics, what happens to the body after the injection, is that what other people say?
It’s like dying once and waking up stupid and demented?

First, what happens to the body after an anesthetic enters the body?
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Anesthesia is one of the important findings of the 19th century, scientists at that time, always want to relieve the pain of the method, is the most commonly used to anesthesia, anesthesia method, there were great, it means that the patient sticks to knock dizzy, have blood, with the patient of bloodletting method in patients with shock, and opium and alcohol method, let the patient to forget the pain.

Later scientists discovered the drug after one hundred years of development, gradually launched inhalation intravenous and conform to the anesthesia different anesthetic methods, such as when you respiratory inhalation or intravenous static drug, it will lead to brain central nervous, in the human brain nerve will receive the people to get their information, the various parts of the body after consolidation and work out the movement and induction.

Type in simple terms, central nerve is responsible for generating the psychological activities and the animal behavior and actions, and the purpose of anesthesia is to confuse it, let it have no way to control actions, there is no way to get their information, each place perception when animals meet with dangerous things, for example, can choose automatic to avoid, it is a reflex action, and the reflex action is processed by the central nervous.

After the injection of anesthetic will be “confuse” central nervous, there is no way to muscles work in this way, people will slowly disappear from awake to the consciousness, and loss of pain, muscle relaxation, heart rate, blood pressure can have varying degrees of decline, so often inject anesthetic need external help breathing breathing machine, anesthesia, depth of sleep than people sleeping at ordinary times greater depth, surgical operation, the pain will not lead to he woke up, so someone will describe general anesthesia, like a dead after a time, but it is exaggerated.

Because even anesthetic injections, also need the anesthesiologist continuously append the anesthetic, for depth of anesthesia, the test of the level of the anesthesiologist, if less, so central nervous not be overwhelmed, or pain, will happen if you give more, the system will directly strike will die, of course, some people will wake up in the process of from anesthesia, they will feel pain during the operation and suture of asphyxia feeling, and limbs, but there was no way to respond, this is the amount of anesthetic to the consequences.

About 5 percent of people wake up from anesthesia, and the resulting psychological problems can leave them in pain for a lifetime.

Two, after the baby accepts general anesthesia, can become stupid become dementia?
What you want to know, here it is

China, about 800 ~ 9 million babies need to accept the whole body paralysis, short time of anesthesia for the baby’s brain won’t affect, and anesthesia effect is short for human, reversible, recoverable, so don’t be stupid not become dementia, and part of anesthetics can also through the liver may also through the breath.

Anesthetics have short-term amnesia effect, so at the time of anesthesia early injection, often appear short memories forget, is not a name and address, this kind of phenomenon such as long-term memory to forget, so the anesthetic will not lead to a dull boy, of course for the elderly and the poor people, drug metabolism ability, anesthetic will also cause life is affected, but the night it will return to normal in a few months later, it has to do with the level of the anesthesiologist.

After all, brain cells need sufficient nutrients, so if the brain hypoxia, 5 minutes will greatly affect the brain function, but will not affect people’s intelligence, and anesthesiologists are generally professionally trained, and will not cause brain hypoxia caused by mistake injection.

Conclusion: There are a lot of rumors about anesthesia on the Internet, we must distinguish them carefully. Secondly, in order to avoid the tragedy, we must go to the regular hospital when seeking medical treatment.

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