Don’t let the kids stay up late

The pandemic is spreading, and most students have not yet started school. Because of less stress in the class, many children start to sleep late. They often stay up late at 12 o’clock at night, and sleep lazy the next day. In this case, parents often stay up late, so it is not surprising that the habit of staying up late happens to children.

What are the hazards of staying up late?

  • 1, Too late to sleep, the child is not tall

After a person is asleep, it is the peak period of growth hormone secretion. If the child stays up for a long time, the circadian clock is disordered, which will affect the secretion of auxin and affect the child’s height. When the child goes to bed early and sleeps soundly, the secretion of natural auxin is more stable and the child grows faster.

2, too late to sleep, the child’s temper will deteriorate

Many children feel depressed, easily irritable, and lose their temper during the day. This is because they haven’t had a good rest at night.

Adequate and good sleep has the ability to repair emotions, especially children who are not under stress now, but also need to restore energy, calm emotions through high-quality sleep. More importantly, do n’t let your child fall asleep with depression, anxiety and anger. Negative emotions will greatly affect your child ’s sleep quality.

  • 3, Sleeping too late, children with low immunity are easy to get sick

Staying up late violates the body’s normal metabolism and also affects the absorption of nutrients. Children who stay up late for a long time have greatly reduced immunity and poor physique, and often get sick easily.

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