Problems with growth hormone secretion, affecting children’s growth

The lack of growth hormone in the human body will affect height growth, especially when the child grows tall, if there is insufficient growth hormone secretion, it will affect the child’s growth, so pay attention to regulating the growth hormone secretion level in the body, then, let us understand Will insufficient growth hormone secretion affect children’s height?

The child is not good for growth hormone secretion problems, affecting the child’s growth
Seventy to eighty percent of human height is caused by genetic factors. Generally speaking, his parents can’t be short in height. However, there is a case where when a child lacks growth hormone, the child’s growth rate becomes slow. Although there is no problem in intelligence, but in terms of height, as the age increases, the growth rate is much slower than that of children of the same age Finally, it leads to short stature.

This dwarf is uniform, has no special face, and has no chromosomal abnormalities (because congenital ovarian dysplasia will lead to a short girl’s stature. This disease chromosome is different from ordinary people. At the same time, there are special physical symptoms, like What is short neck, elbow valgus, low posterior hairline, etc.).

Therefore, the growth hormone deficiency in children has the characteristic features of the disease and the disease that needs to be identified. Therefore, through detailed diagnosis, this disease is not prone to misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis.

Through the introduction, growth hormone deficiency will affect the growth of the child’s height, so you must understand the growth hormone secretion level in the child’s body, if there is a growth hormone secretion problem, it is best to adjust as soon as possible, otherwise it will not only affect the child’s height growth, but also Will adversely affect the child’s life.

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