Messi: When I was a kid, I had growth hormone disorders ,Hormone therapy every day

Argentine star Messi revealed that he suffered growth hormone confusion when he was young and needed to inject hormones every night.

The Daily Mail said that Messi ’s condition was also called idiopathic short stature, so he injected hormones into his thighs every night. He told TVAmerica: “I inject hormones into my thighs every night, and I started when I was 12 years old. I am not too impressed with this matter.”

“Before I learned to inject myself, my parents started injecting me when I was 8. This is a small needle and it doesn’t hurt. It was an ordinary thing for me at the time.”

Injecting hormones also brought huge expenses. Messi ’s parents spent £ 1,000 a month until his first club Newell old boy offered to pay for him. In 2001, Messi, who was only 13 years old, joined Barcelona. Barcelona paid all the treatment costs for Messi until he completed the injection course in 2002.

“Joining Barcelona is not difficult for me. I quickly adapted, but my family was not. My siblings came home. My father and I stayed alone, and he asked me” What should we do? ” Say I want to stay. “

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