There are so many types of hepatitis, but you only know how to prevent hepatitis B?

The incidence of liver disease is not low. After liver disease invades the body, it will cause various adverse symptoms. If no reasonable measures are taken to control the development of liver disease, it may affect the normal physiological function of the liver during the process of aggravating liver disease.

Many adverse reactions are relatively obvious. Therefore, there are some good ways to improve liver disease. In the process of treatment, you should first understand the type of disease. Many people have heard of hepatitis and think that there is only one type of hepatitis, which is known as hepatitis B. In fact, there are many types of hepatitis, which need to be understood. What are the common types of hepatitis?

  1. Toxic hepatitis

There are many types of hepatitis. For example, toxic hepatitis is a well-known type of hepatitis. Due to the damage of drugs, liver function will be impaired. In the case of non-standard medication, drugs will harm the liver and cause liver function to decline, which will lead to the production of toxic hepatitis.

If this happens, you should change the bad habit of using drugs randomly. In the process of using drugs, pay attention to reasonable methods and use the drugs safely after consulting your doctor to prevent the occurrence of toxic hepatitis caused by drug damage.

  1. Alcoholic hepatitis

Many people’s hepatitis is related to excessive alcohol intake. This type is called alcoholic hepatitis. After drinking alcohol for a long time, the liver cells are damaged due to alcohol damage and can not bear the harm caused by alcohol, which may cause alcoholic hepatitis. In the development process, it may also be accompanied by fatty liver.

Therefore, after the occurrence of hepatitis, you should understand whether it is related to excessive drinking, and promote health by changing bad habits. Only by staying away from alcohol can you prevent alcoholic hepatitis from affecting your health.

  1. Hepatitis A

Many people only know the disease of hepatitis B, but they do not know that there is hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is also a disease caused by virus invasion. It is highly infectious. During the development process, the liver is affected by the virus and its function is impaired. The body will have fever, nausea, nausea, jaundice, etc. This is caused by hepatitis A Impact. Therefore, we should actively prevent infections and prevent liver damage caused by virus invasion.

  1. Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is also one of them. During the development of hepatitis B, your health is threatened. If you do not pay attention to the treatment of the disease, the condition will continue to develop, and there may be cirrhosis, and finally it may cause liver cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent hepatitis B in the correct way to prevent blood transmission, mother-to-child transmission or sexual transmission from causing other people to become sick. This is a type of active prevention.

  1. Hepatitis C

The incidence of hepatitis C is high. After hepatitis C invades the body, the body is damaged after being infected with the virus, and there may be signs of fatigue, lack of appetite, and pain in the liver area. A small number of patients have severe symptoms at the time of onset, and damage to liver cells can also cause jaundice, which is also one of the common types of hepatitis.

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