The three-step formula for the perfect figure makes weight loss more reasonable

Reducing weight is a woman’s lifelong career, love the heart of beauty everyone has, but some people always feel not thin enough.
Body weight standard value for excellent girls, how much is your weight perfect?

In fact, everyone has a standard weight. It’s not that the thinner the body, the better it looks. Instead, it looks the best in its own standard weight range, which also represents relative health.

Have you worked out your standard weight?
Why is standard weight so important?

One is that standard weight is one measure of whether you are overweight or undernourished.
Always cannot too too also cannot too lack, understand oneself standard weight to be able to have a assurance to oneself probably nutrition data.

Second, you need to figure out your own standard weight before you lose weight, in order to plan out your own reasonable weight loss goals.
For example, if you are only 5 kg overweight, but want to lose 15 kg, that is unreasonable, and the extra 10 kg will be much more difficult to lose than the first 5 kg.
Because the extra 10 kilograms of weight loss to destroy your body function to achieve, called “reverse” weight loss, and the body against.
So you find that sometimes it’s not that you don’t lose weight, it’s that you’re already at your standard weight and your body “doesn’t allow” you to lose weight.

The question is, why do I look fat but not over my weight?
It starts with the percentage of muscle and fat you have.
The same weight is 1kg of fat and the volume is 4 times that of muscle. That is to say, other people weigh the same as you, but look thinner than you. That is because they have more muscle mass than you, so they look smaller than you.

Does this underweight but seemingly fat person need to lose weight?
The answer is yes!
But the way to lose weight is definitely different from those who are over the weight limit.
This type of diet can not diet, but increase protein intake, once the diet lack of protein will be more likely to gain weight, continue to really exceed the standard weight, and later eat anything easy to gain weight.

Girls’ Standard List
Having said all that, how do you calculate your standard weight?
The internationally accepted formula for calculating human weight and body proportion: standard weight =(height cm-100)x0.9(kg)

The following is a case study of girls.
Standard weight (female)=(height cm-100)x0.9(kg)-2.5(kg)

Normal weight: standard weight – 10%;

Excess weight: 10% greater than standard weight and 20% less than standard weight;

Mild obesity: 20% greater than standard weight and 30% less than standard weight;

Moderate obesity: 30% greater than standard weight and 50% less than standard weight;

Severe obesity: more than 50% over standard body weight.

Weight calculation formula
In addition to the standard weight, the most important thing for girls is the ratio of three measurements.
There are two body types, slim and plump. Which are you?
It’s not about looking good at your normal weight.
Still have to see 3 encircle scale, namely the place that should grow flesh has flesh, the place that should be thin does not grow flesh, before convex hind concave.

Here is the standard body weight comparison table for girls. Check it out and see if you meet it.
Methods for women’s standard measurements:

Chest circumference = height (cm) ×0.535

Waist circumference = height (cm) ×0.365

Hip circumference = height (cm) ×0.565

The actual index calculated as plus or minus 3cm belongs to the three measurements, if less than 5cm is slim, and if more than 5cm is full.
If the positive and negative range is more than 8 centimeters, it’s too thin and locally too fat.

Standard three girth calculation method for girls
Of course, to achieve the perfect body also needs to achieve the overall proportion of the label, specifically:

Bust: Measure bust by the upper part of bosom along axilla most plump place

It should be half the height.

Waist circumference: Under normal circumstances, measure the smallest part of the waist.
The waist

The circumference is 20 cm smaller than the circumference of the chest.

Hip circumference: The pubis in front of the body parallel to the largest part of the buttocks.

The circumference is 4cm larger than the circumference of the chest.

Thigh circumference: In the uppermost value of thigh, gluteal fold line below.

Leg circumference is 10 cm smaller than waist circumference.

Crus circumference: in crus most plump place.
The calf is around the thigh

It’s 20 centimeters smaller.

Around the neck of the foot: The smallest part of the neck of the foot.
The neck of the foot surrounds the lower leg

Make it 10 centimeters smaller.

Perfect body proportions
You may be losing weight or planning to lose it, but your brother-in-law’s advice is based on scientific data.
Understand your own data to design a reasonable weight loss program, do not blindly follow.
Finally I wish everyone thin into a lightning!

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