For people with poor bones, these 3 things are “triggers”

Does your leg hurt when you walk?
After sitting down and resting for a while, isn’t that better?
And so on the question, the above two have empathy?
In fact, more than 7 into the people will have such a feeling, but these people think that is caused by their overwork, often do not consider the loss of their bone, once their disease is serious, osteoporosis complications appear, it is likely to be very worried!
Also inform everyone from the side, to prevent osteoporosis from small details!

When it comes to osteoporosis, many people don’t realize that their bone health is linked to their eating behaviors.
In particular, the 83-year-old academician who has been studying osteoporosis for 50 years said that osteoporosis is actually caused by their laziness, blind bone raising methods will make your bones more fragile, or suggest that we maintain bones reasonably!

For people with poor bones, these 3 things are “triggers”

1, French fries

For many people, they like to eat French fries, some fast food, biscuits and so on in their daily life. These are processed foods, which contain rich phosphorus. Phosphorus can be absorbed and transformed by the body, but it will also hinder their absorption of calcium.

Many people are because of a large intake of phosphorus containing food, leading to a large loss of calcium, it is easy to induce osteoporosis.
And it’s worth noting that the amount of phosphorus in processed foods can be more than 10 times higher than the amount of calcium.

2, fat

For many people in their daily life, often eat big fish and meat, such a diet habit is actually will lead to the loss of calcium in the body, fat belongs to high fat food, fat is too high, will make the body protein excessive, also gradually cause bone calcium loss!

So, usually as little as possible to eat some fat, light diet!

  1. Donuts

Many people are stuck with their love of donuts.
But donuts are a sweet because of their high sugar content.
If you regularly eat donuts, you will lose bone density and accelerate the loss of calcium from your bones, which will lead to osteoporosis!

These are the three main culprits that cause the loss of calcium in the bones. It is because of them that many people’s health is affected. It is recommended that everyone try to maintain a good diet!

Orthopaedic common sense one: bask in the sun is beneficial to bone?

Many people have heard about the link between sun exposure and bones, but don’t understand why!
In fact, the skin is an important organization for the synthesis of vitamin D. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light from the sun, it takes cholesterol as raw material to synthesize the skeletal nutrients needed by our human body — vitamin D.

However, a lot of people think suntan, don’t have time to tan, or just sit around the house.
In fact, over time, they will cause a lack of vitamin D, which will also induce osteoporosis!

If you like, bones are stiff, according to a new study

One thing — psoralein

Osteoporosis people, in fact, many people are blind to find some ways to raise bone, looking for, not suitable for their own, after misuse, led to a variety of health problems.
At this time, we are advised to eat psoraletin to increase bone density.

This is also the latest research found that psoralein can indeed help people with poor bones, the first is to retain their own lost calcium, and then promote the body to bone calcium absorption and transformation, improve their calcium utilization!
Psoralein, on the other hand, has been shown to relieve joint pain in people who have lost more than 12 percent of their bone mass.
And for osteoporosis people, can help you to enhance their own resistance at the same time, but also can help you stay away from the complications of osteoporosis!

For people with poor bone, psoraletin can help increase bone density, repair damaged cartilage, and then slow the aging rate of bone and joint, and help people build bones and strengthen bones!

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