Why didn’t you lose weight?

Introduction: On a hot summer day, many friends have begun to lose weight. Why do people who lose weight together, the same weight loss plan, some people can lose weight quickly, while others are difficult? It may be related to your usual lifestyle. Some people do not eat fried foods or snacks, and are accustomed to going to bed early and getting up early, thereby maintaining the body’s metabolism. But some people drink milk tea, eat snacks, stay up late, and eat fried food, which affects their own metabolism and hurts the body’s metabolic function. Therefore, our daily life style and eating habits affect our physical fitness and health.

  1. Do you think that drinking a cup of milk tea and eating a portion of fried chicken does not have many calories and will not affect your weight loss.

But calories familiar with food know that milk tea with fried chicken is the standard for obesity. Because the combined calories of the two are more than 700 calories, it is equal to one hour of running fitness. Weight loss requires self-discipline. When you lose weight, can you achieve the habit of self-discipline?

Someone asked how to increase the speed of weight loss? The editor believes that it is necessary to start with daily small things, exercise more, and not eat high-calorie foods, mainly to persist.

  1. No need to deliberately diet when losing weight, as long as you adhere to a few good habits, you will lose weight faster than others!
  2. Eat more vegetables, eat less rice,

Reducing calorie intake is simple, just change the order of meals. In this way, we can drink a glass of water before meals, eat vegetables before meals to improve our satiety, and then finally eat rice and other high-calorie foods.

The calories of vegetables are relatively low. When we eat vegetables first, we will increase your satiety and decrease your hunger. This will reduce the calorie requirements for your food and reduce the intake of other foods. The total calories eaten will be reduced, and will not make you feel hungry.

  1. Eat more and eat less

Not only can you eat more meals and eat less, you can also protect your stomach. You can eat five or six times a day, as long as it is not fried, greasy and high in sugar. Eat more vegetables and fruits. The advantage of eating more meals is that we can eat less every meal and not have to eat the next meal. The main thing is to lose weight with exercise, so that we can consume calories and consume them, and Excessive daily consumption can achieve the effect of weight loss.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Experts show that people who drink more water lose weight much faster than ordinary people. If we usually drink enough water, about 10 glasses of water a day. Drinking plenty of water can keep the intestinal tract unobstructed and promote intestinal motility and digestion. In this way, the calories we consume are much faster than usual. And drinking more water can dilute the blood concentration and promote the body’s metabolism. Accelerate the excretion of the body and reduce the burden on the body.

Water can promote the body’s circulation and metabolism, dilute the blood concentration, accelerate the discharge of body wastes, and reduce the burden on the body. This is what we usually say, headache, drink more water, drink more colds, water is omnipotent. This is the principle, which helps us excrete heat and toxins.

  1. Eat more light food

We know that fried foods are accompanied by high-calorie, high-calorie foods. The food is fried and naturally puffed. For example, we eat potato chips. A 100-gram bag of potato chips has 800 grams of calories, and an adult meal You need to eat 300 grams of rice, about 360 calories, which means that eating a bag of potato chips has more calories than eating two meals of rice.

Also, don’t eat heavy-flavored foods. Heavy-flavored foods can stimulate our stomachs and increase our appetite. The consequence is that we eat more food. As the saying goes, if you want to be thin, keep your mouth on your legs, as long as you eat a normal and healthy diet every day, with exercise, how can you not lose weight?

Conclusion: Reasonable and correct eating habits are very important. Some of your friends do not have the correct eating habits. Although they eat less, they do not exercise less. But excessive intake of calories causes us to lose weight much slower than others. So I hope everyone read this article, you can eat a healthy diet correctly, so as to achieve the effect of healthy weight loss.