How long can 1 piece of Viagra last?

In real life, many men have shown signs of decreased sexual performance. When the sexual ability is reduced, it is impossible to show a strong wind in the course of sexual life, which often makes men very troubled. Therefore, men find that their sexual performance decreases, and they should seek reasonable ways to improve it.

Of course, many men will improve their sexual performance by taking drugs. For example, the more common Viagra, also known as aphrodisiac drugs, has a certain improvement effect on male erectile dysfunction. By using this medicine, the penis of a man can be normal erection and maintain normal sexual function. So, for men who have erectile dysfunction, how long can a piece of Viagra last?

If a man has obvious erectile dysfunction, the penis cannot be properly erect and maintain normal physiological functions. It is possible to give men a show of strength by taking Viagra, but it is best done under the guidance of a doctor. In general, the recommended dosage of Viagra is 50 mg each time, and many people will improve their sexual performance by taking a tablet of Viagra.

Through the action of drugs, it can exert drug effects. Men perform well during sexual life, and the penis will be in an erection state, which can complete normal sexual functions. Before starting sex, take a piece of Viagra that is 50 mg in size and stick to it for more than four hours, usually about four to five hours. Of course, everyone’s drug tolerance and the effects of drugs are different, so there will be some differences in time.

What should men pay attention to when taking Viagra?

  1. Don’t take medicine for a long time

Men take Viagra to improve sexual performance and can improve penile erectile dysfunction, but can not take medicine for a long time. Many men do not pay attention to this problem. Over-reliance on Viagra for a long time to improve sexual performance may lead to dependence. After stopping the medication, erectile dysfunction may become more obvious.

Therefore, men have problems in this regard, it is best to consult the doctor first, understand the specific reasons and improve the symptoms, do not blindly use Viagra, otherwise it may form dependence. In this way, the physical impact is more obvious, and it is likely that the male’s sexual ability will continue to decrease.

  1. Control the dosage

Men should pay attention to various issues when using Viagra to improve sexual function and erectile dysfunction, especially the dosage of drugs needs to be clear. Many men do not pay attention to this problem, and taking too much Viagra may leave the penis in an erection state. Long-term erections will damage the penis, and even the corpus cavernosum will cause adverse consequences.

Therefore, men should pay attention to this problem. When taking Viagra to improve sexual function, the specific dosage should be clear. It is best to consult a doctor. Do not use it blindly, otherwise it may cause damage to the male penis.

It can be seen that men take one tablet of Viagra every time and stick to it for four to five hours during sex, which is the role of drugs. However, each person’s physique is different, and the effects of drugs are different, so there will be some deviations in time. If you want to maintain a healthy state, the dosage and time when taking Viagra should be clear, and it is best to use it under the guidance of a doctor.