American mysterious biological laboratory on the hot search, and novel coronavirus as expected

President-elect Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States on January 20.
However, just after Biden took office, a mysterious biological laboratory in the United States has become a hot search, and the reason behind it is related to the novel coronavirus.

According to Xinhua News Agency on January 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying named the US Fort Detrick virus base as the most popular search.
So where is Fort Detrick?

The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland, is the military’s most important biodefense technology research facility, which stocks Ebola virus, anthrax bacteria, brucella and other deadly “specific biological agents and toxins,” CGTN said on its Twitter account.
In July 2019, the CDC asked the institute to suspend its work on highly pathogenic pathogens.
According to reports, the institute has repeatedly appeared safety incidents, including the loss of deadly strains, such as raw anthrax.

Since the outbreak, the word “Fort Detrick” has been mentioned frequently because the U.S. media reported an outbreak of a deadly respiratory disease of unknown origin near Fort Detrick in the months prior to the outbreak in China.
More importantly, Fort Detrick was mysteriously closed in July 2019, before the emergence of an unknown infectious disease, and the U.S. government is still reluctant to explain the reason for the sudden closure.

Crucially, a recent post by a self-described “Indian-American who fled the US” was titled “Sorry for our evil role in the Covid-19 outbreak”.
The author says he worked for a time at the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, where he was well aware of the novel coronavirus that was created and leaked.

He said he decided to “pull himself together and tell the truth” after fleeing the lab where he had been working after graduation and his boss was killed.
In 2015, according to the author’s account, his superiors synthesized the novel coronavirus, the cause of the current global pandemic, from a gene fragment found in China;
In May 2019, Novel Coronavirus leaked from a laboratory leak and began to circulate in the United States along with pandemic influenza;
The novel coronavirus was discovered by China’s epidemic prevention authorities in December 2019, when an infected sailor accidentally sealed the virus in seafood and illegally shipped it to a seafood market in Wuhan.

It’s worth noting that almost all of the institutions, people, and nodes of events mentioned in this whistle-blowing post are realistic.
Although it is not known whether the leak is real or whether the whistleblower actually exists.
But the government’s cover-up of a possible virus leak at the Fort Detrick Bio Lab is true.

Virus tracking mechanisms’ embarrassingly backward ‘

According to a Jan. 14 report titled “‘ Embarrassing ‘: Imcomplete U.S. Tracking of Novel Coronavirus Mutations,’ the U.S. has lagged behind in many aspects of its response to the epidemic — from the initial lack of testing to the current chaotic and clumsy rollout of the vaccine.
Lack of genetic monitoring is just one more aspect.
The full text is edited as follows:

Novel coronavirus, a more infectious variant of SARS-COV-2, was first discovered in Britain for a reason: a lot of the virus’s genetic sequencing was done there.
Since the outbreak, researchers in the UK have uploaded 151,859 individual sequences of SARS-CoV-2 to the Global Initiative for the Sharing of Influenza Data (GISAID), an international platform for sharing viral genome data.
Britain has more shared genetic sequences than any other country in the world.

If a more infectious strain of novel coronavirus had first emerged in the United States, scientists probably wouldn’t have noticed it so quickly.
According to GISAID, only 69,111 sequences have been uploaded to US laboratories so far, despite the fact that the US has a larger population than the UK, a cutting-edge biomedical research industry and tens of millions more cases of CoviD-19.

“It was embarrassing, I can only say that,” Diana Griffin, a microbiologist and immunologist at Johns Hopkins University, told reporters.

The US has been behind in many aspects of its response to the new pandemic — from the initial lack of testing to the current frantic and clumsy rollout of the new vaccine.
Lack of genetic monitoring is just one more aspect.

According to a report published in July 2020 by the National Academy of Sciences, “Current sources of novel coronavirus genome sequence data…
In the United States it is fragmented, often passive, reactive, uncoordinated, and underfunded.”
It was “insufficient to answer many pressing questions about the evolution and spread of novel coronavirus,” the report found.

Novel Coronavirus Exposes Fatal ‘Vulnerability’

Novel Coronavirus Has Fatal ‘Vulnerability’…
As the end of 2020, thought that will be brought about by the coronavirus haze will dissipate together, imagination is always better, however, the reality is very skinny, although will be coronavirus has been going on for more than a year time, countries have to have for a long time and viruses, but still unable to grasp the behavior of the virus, force, and as the secondary infection of virus has control of the country, some already appear again the crisis, and the second time the virus is more fierce than the first time out, in addition to secondary infection, in Britain, Chile, South Africa and other regions of different mutation, is also a very difficult problem,
There’s still a long way to go to beat Covid-19 outright.

It is understood that given the current spread of the virus and the situation of infection, experts in many countries have said that the risk of three infections in March is very high. If three infections occur, it means that the global situation of the virus is going to get out of control, and it will be very difficult to control it again.
As we all know, the United States has consistently led the world in diagnoses and deaths, which makes sense as the world’s sole superpower, with the most advanced medical technology, to be in this situation is pretty bleak.

As of January 20, the number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States was 24.809 million, and the cumulative number of deaths was 411,000. The daily increase was basically maintained at more than 200,000, and the daily increase of deaths could even reach more than 4,000. The United States has become the largest contributor to the number of newly diagnosed and deaths in the world.
In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and other countries are not optimistic about the virus situation, it is clear that the Western countries have become the most affected region of the world, and the WHO has also issued a warning to those countries, they want to take precautions, do not need to go outside.

Value of concern is that Novel Coronavirus is not invincible, the same existence of these three fatal vulnerabilities.
Above all, novel coronavirus is a kind of virus that fears high temperature extremely, because this is in the life, must not eat the food such as cold salad, must pass after high temperature heating, just can edible;
Secondly, novel coronavirus is still very afraid of high concentration of alcohol, the use of spray or hand sanitizer, had better use more than 75% alcohol content;
Finally, because droplets are the main route of transmission, it’s important to wear a mask when going outside.

Will, of course, be coronavirus is still the current national focus on objects, although the global vaccine promotion has already started, but the vaccine development time is shorter, still many deficiencies, and vaccine efficacy is limited, so who had said that the vaccine will be will be coronavirus effect a radical cure, only the countries of the world unite, common disease resistance, is the best control way, and overcome the virus at the same time, I hope everyone can personal protection, do not despise the virus.

Faced with the threat of violence and sexual assault, American virologists still stand up and speak for the origin of the covid!

2021 has arrived, and most of the first month has passed. However, all of us have not been able to contain the continued “arrogance” of the new crown virus.

Since the outbreak at the end of 2019, it has been asserted that the new crown virus originated in the laboratory, to prank new crown therapies (such as injection of disinfectant), etc., a large number of conspiracy theories and false information without scientific basis and logic have been spread around the world. The key is the speed of its spread No less than the speed at which the virus spreads.

In the past year or so, experts, researchers and doctors in the field of public health around the world have tried to dispel rumors in various ways. However, as new variants of the new coronavirus have appeared in the UK and South Africa, similar rumors have begun to surface on the Internet. Scientists say that misinformation about the new crown pandemic is as annoying as the virus itself.

Recently, an article published in the authoritative journal “Nature Medicine”, Professor Angela Rasmussen, a virologist from the Center for Global Health Science and Security of Georgetown University, USA, published an article entitled “On the origins of SARS-CoV-2 “The article again speaks for the origin of the new coronavirus. Emphasize that researchers in the field of public health should remind policymakers to make decisions based on evidence rather than politics, especially when it is essential to understand the origin of epidemics.

The full text is translated as follows, with slight additions and deletions:

In March last year, Professor Rasmussen and other fields of virology published articles on the origin of the new coronavirus in “Natural Medicine” (Related reading: American, British and Australian scientists “Natural Medicine” added a strong proof: the new coronavirus is a natural evolution product. Or there are two origins…), expounding the reason why the new coronavirus originated in nature. This is partly in response to the uproarious rumors and more and more unfounded speculations: Because the place where the virus broke out is in the same city as the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the virus was leaked from the laboratory. This laboratory refers to the most advanced national virology laboratory for bat coronavirus research in my country and even in the world. Despite many doubts, there is no evidence to support those speculations.

On the contrary, before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Chinese and foreign virologists have concluded through the study of known coronaviruses that more emerging coronaviruses will appear in the world in the future, and have given multiple warnings. (Related reading: Come out and mix it up, sooner or later! A new study has already predicted the occurrence of this pandemic) Moreover, all signs indicate that, like SARS and MERS, the new coronavirus is most likely to have evolved in the bat host. Until an unexplained spillover event spreads it to humans.

Angela Rasmussen

Unfortunately, these science-based facts have not been able to quell contradictory claims or even outright conspiracy theories. On the contrary, “viral information” spreads faster than the virus itself, and various versions of rumors or conspiracy theories emerge in endlessly: from the new crown virus leaked in the laboratory or deliberately designed by man, to the conspiracy of Bill Gates , And some people even involve 5G networks. These absurd views rely heavily on the “evidence” carefully selected by the rumors: from the withdrawn preprint research to the “secret diplomatic cable” about laboratory safety information from unknown sources, to the over-interpreted satellite and Cell phone data. In short, want to add crime, spread rumors for the sake of spreading rumors. The point is that none of these can prove the origin of the new coronavirus.

One of the most popular versions of “Laboratory Origins” relies on the fact that the new coronavirus is designed for certain functional studies. Previous studies have also been conducted with bat SARS-like coronaviruses to understand the risk of cross-species transmission. The irony is that these functional studies really provide valuable information about the biology of the new coronavirus, but they have been used by some people to make up rumors and conspiracy theories. Another point is that the research on the coronavirus itself has a very high risk, and related research will inevitably be subject to strict review and government supervision. Therefore, functional research on hard-to-obtain coronaviruses (such as bat SARS-like coronaviruses) cannot be conducted without supervision.

In addition, in the long river of human history, the occurrence of viruses and pathogens in a natural way has been clearly recorded, as far as swine flu, H7N9 avian flu, Marburg virus, SARS, MERS and Ebola virus, as far as 1889- In 1990, the OC43 coronavirus and the 1918 pandemic caused more than 1 million deaths worldwide. Most of the new viral pathogens that cause epidemics or even pandemics in humans have naturally emerged from the wild animal library. Therefore, the overwhelming conclusion is that the new coronavirus also entered the human body through a series of incidents between humans and animals.

What’s even more incredible is that the story of “Laboratory Origin” has turned into a political tool and started a new career, which has brought extensive and profound harmful effects. In February last year, US Republican anti-China Senator Tom Cotton shared his firm belief on Fox News that the virus is a biological and chemical weapon leaked in the laboratory. US Secretary of State Pompeo also strongly hinted that there are man-made causes for the new crown virus. The US President Trump himself, who does not believe in science, further confirmed this theory. In addition, the former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon led the National Security Council, an organization without clear scientific authorization, and even sponsored two preprinted articles claiming that the new crown virus was a biological and chemical weapon deliberately designed, and claimed The global international scientific community concealed the facts. Ironically, he has recently been sued for fraud.

Let’s take a look at these two preprints. The main author Yan Limeng (the University of Hong Kong has repeatedly stated that she is not a scholar engaged in virus research) personally used so-called “evidence” to attack scientists who struggle with rumors and conspiracy theories, including me. . After reading Yan Limeng’s “evidence”, Nakagawa Kusaka, a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at Tokai University in Japan, said, “What is the intention of writing such absurd things with great effort?”

But as a result, I was threatened by violence and sexual assault, which was the threat of exposing rumors and conspiracy theories, and unfortunately, I was in it. Although this is very unpleasant, what worries me more is the long-term impact of this type of misinformation on scientists around the world, and our ability to research emerging viruses with pandemic potential in the future.

In April 2020, Trump ordered the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to cancel a long-term collaboration between researchers from the Eco-Health Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We have witnessed how misinformation about the source of the virus can destroy this extremely important research. The NIH argued for the cancellation of the study that the study investigated the spillover effects of bat SARS-like coronaviruses and zoonotic diseases spreading in China and did not meet the NIH’s priority level. This is unbelievable. This work provides some of the most conclusive evidence that the new coronavirus is a naturally occurring pathogen, and serological investigations have shown that people living near bat colonies have antibodies to bat SARS-like coronaviruses.

NIH has since set impossible conditions for the restoration of funding to ensure that this research will never be restored. This set a shocking precedent: it caused huge and unnecessary setbacks in the effort to understand the new coronavirus, weakened trust in scientists, and undermined the importance of the pandemic and global long-term public health security. Fruitful international cooperation.

Public health is a cause that requires global participation in this field. Therefore, it is necessary for the whole society to cope with the evil behavior of using politics to attack science. Most importantly, the public must resist political interference in the necessary and objective scientific investigations. By continuously exposing misinformation and educating the public about the need for fair, scientific data-focused research on the origin of the virus, a wide range of beneficial effects can be produced.

Labeling a Diagnostic Person as’ Hateful ‘: Verbal Violence Is a’ Virus’

A 26-year-old woman in Shijiazhuang worked part-time six days before she was diagnosed “, triggering public doubts.
On January 17, @Wisdom Changsha released an apology letter on its official Weibo account, admitting that the title had been misdirected and apologizing to the person involved and the majority of netizens.
At present, the client of Wisdom Changsha has deleted the video from the whole network, and at the same time, the editors and auditors have been fired, removed from their posts and given punishments of demerit recording.

According to the survey, the woman worked part-time from December 25 to 31 last year. The first case of the epidemic was reported in Shijiazhuang on January 2 this year, and the first news release on the prevention and control of the epidemic was held on the night of January 5.
In other words, it’s more likely that the woman didn’t know she was infected before she got a job, rather than that she had a job after she knew she was infected.
In this context, it would be inhumane to call the woman in question “hateful” for taking a part-time job after work.

It is said that “nothing is easy in the adult world”. Under the premise of not violating the local epidemic prevention and control regulations, the woman rode an electric bike to work in the hospital every day, and after work, she went to a part-time job in a tutoring class near the community, which also reminds many people of this sentence.
The flip side of “not easy” is the struggle for life, which is common to many people these days.
Because of this, after her unfortunate infection, her life trajectory as soon as exposed, aroused a lot of people’s empathy and empathy, sympathetic attitude to her accounted for the vast majority.

For a young woman fighting for her life to be diagnosed, she went from “honorable” to “hateful” in the eyes of some, a reversal of judgment that doesn’t make sense.
With the benefit of hindsight, the woman involved was asked to go home immediately after work and not to take a part-time job, which inevitably gave people the feeling of “why not eat meat”.

▲ A screenshot of Wisdom Changsha’s apology.

In the context of normal epidemic prevention and control, reducing aggregation and movement is indeed an important means to prevent and control the epidemic.
But this does not mean depriving people of the right to live, work and take part time.
The epidemic situation in Shijiazhuang is grim and prevention and control measures have been upgraded. However, the current epidemic prevention requirements should not be used to “trace back to the past”.

In fact, “working part-time for six consecutive days before diagnosis” is also a microcosm of a group survival ecology.
It is not uncommon for people to work part-time as takeout or online ride-hailing drivers after work, or to take several jobs, according to the confirmed transfer reports from many places.
It’s unfortunate to be infected, but it doesn’t change the nature of the striver.
Because of this, calling them “hateful” is emotionally and psychologically difficult.
What’s more, nowadays, “our common enemy is a virus, not an infected person” has gradually become a social consensus, and verbal violence against those who have been diagnosed is also a “virus” in nature.

Now, the official micro has come out to apologize, and the relevant personnel to deal with.
I also hope that more people can learn from the mistakes of others.

In the final analysis, society should recognize the efforts and struggles of ordinary people, and let the strivers feel the kindness and warmth of the world, rather than the maliciousness — this should not be different because people are infected with Covid-19.