When will the risk level be lowered? When can we defeat the virus? Who’s latest response

Novel coronavirus pneumonia increased 81577 cases in novel coronavirus pneumonia on 13, and more than 4 million 170 thousand cases of new crown pneumonia were found worldwide, and 287 thousand cases died, according to who’s latest statistics.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was first reported in Lesotho on 13 th local time. This means that novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are reported in all 54 countries.
Who: novel coronavirus pneumonia risk level remains high risk
The novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency conference, novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency conference, was held on 13 March. Who is responsible for the new crown pneumonia emergency. Michael Ryan said that over time, the new crown pneumonia risk level will be assessed and the risk level will be reduced. However, the virus will be controlled significantly, and a strong public health surveillance system and a stronger health system should be provided to deal with the possible recurrence. Prior to the case, who believed that the outbreak still posed a high risk to the world and all regions and countries. Tam Desai, who director general, suggested that countries maintain the highest level of risk early warning, and that any measures should be taken in stages considering the actual situation.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia may never disappear.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia may become a long-term problem, Michael Ryan said at a press conference. It is hard to predict when the virus will be defeated. The new crown virus may become an epidemic virus and will never disappear. Michael Ryan says he hopes to develop a highly effective vaccine and distribute it to everyone in the world.
Over 1.38 million confirmed cases in the United States
The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in the United States at 15:30 on the 13 th Eastern time, and more than 1 million 380 thousand cases have been confirmed, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University. More than 83 thousand cases have died.
New coronavirus infection in 102 children in New York
New York state is continuing to investigate new coronavirus related conditions in children, governor Cuomo said Tuesday. At present, 102 cases are under investigation in New York state. The latest investigation shows that 60% of children with similar symptoms are positive for new coronavirus test and 40% for antibody test. 14% of them are positive for both tests, and 71% of them finally enter the intensive care unit.
Como said that at present, 14 states in the United States and five countries in Europe have children diagnosed with the disease. As of December 12, the unexplained inflammation had killed three people in New York state. Como requested that priority be given to the detection of new coronavirus in children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome.
Trump disapproved of Fudge’s warning that schools should resume
Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the elderly and people with underlying diseases, and the impact on young people is less, US President Trump said at the White House 13. Trump said he was surprised by the speech of infectious disease expert fudge at the Senate hearing, “this is not an acceptable answer for me, especially in terms of school resumption.”
On the 13th local time, the US Senate failed to unanimously pass the resolution on the immediate release of the economic guidelines for restart formulated by the CDC at the end of April. The CDC had previously developed a 17 page “guidance manual on epidemic prevention” to guide the restart process in detail, which should have been released on May 8. However, public health experts were told by the White House that they would not abide by the “overcorrected” guidance.
Russia’s 11 day increase in the number of infected troops
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 10028 cases in Russia, and 242271 cases were confirmed in total. Russia has increased by more than ten thousand for 11 consecutive days, becoming the second most infected country in the world.
13, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 1666 of the Russian servicemen, and 1666 cases were dropped from 12 days to two days, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
Spain: the average infection rate of new coronavirus in the national population is about 5%
Spain’s health minister, Salvador Elia, announced Wednesday that the average rate of new coronavirus infection among the Spanish population is about 5%. The highest infection rate was 14.2% in Suria province. Elijah said the data showed that the downgrade of the state of emergency must continue to be cautious and implement asymmetric downgrade plans in various regions of the country.
Many countries plan to lift the state of emergency or relax border control
The Japanese government plans to lift the emergency declaration of 39 counties
According to Kyodo news agency, the Japanese government has basically decided to lift the declaration of emergency in 39 counties. Novel coronavirus pneumonia headquarters will be made at the meeting of the 14 Japanese government on the new day. Japan’s emergency declaration will be lifted for the first time since it was issued to seven prefectures on April 7 and extended to the whole country on April 16.
Germany: will gradually relax border control
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first step to lift the border control measures, which will be lifted from May 16th, and will be lifted in June 15th. The premise is that the development of the new pneumonia epidemic in neighboring countries is in a controllable state, according to Ze Hofer, German Federal Minister of internal affairs. At that time, he said, he would take the lead in restoring the free flow of German and Luxembourg personnel.
Switzerland: opening the borders of three neighboring countries on June 15
On the afternoon of June 13 local time, Switzerland announced that it would open its borders with France, Austria and Germany on June 15. The Swiss Italian border may open this summer.
The number of cases of cluster infection is still increasing in some countries
Seoul mayor Park Yuanchun said Wednesday that the number of cases of concentrated infection in the nightclubs of ritai hospital has risen to 119. In order to avoid further expansion of the situation, South Korea’s health department once again called on people who had nightclubs in the past to take the initiative in virus screening. At present, the Seoul municipal government has infected people in many ways

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