Us media reports of government-concocted conspiracy theories about viruses bear a striking resemblance to history

Covid-19 has been diagnosed in more than 1.3 million people in the United States, and more than 80,000 people have died.For nearly two months, americans and medical workers struggled with novel coronavirus.Ironically, another tenacious “virus” of this time is the novel coronavirus conspiracy theory that originated in a laboratory.Although experts and scholars at home and abroad, the global media, and even the U.S. intelligence agencies to clarify the rumors for many times, with a scientific fact argumentation synthetic virus may be neither lab, also can’t be a laboratory accident, but the President of the United States, secretary of state, peng admire Mr Trump as a firm supporter of the use of the speech, still won’t change, and would continue to investigate.Us media have pointed out in recent days that the trump administration’s method of ramping up its arguments is familiar, with even former intelligence officials comparing it to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The Los Angeles times notes that rumors that the virus originated in a laboratory were debunked by experts as early as march

Experts responded to the rumors as early as march

The Los Angeles times notes that rumors that the virus originated in a laboratory were actually debunked as early as March 17.A joint study published in the journal nature medicine by biologists, infectious disease researchers and biosecurity experts makes it clear that “any suggestion that a virus originated in a laboratory is impossible”.Vanity fair also spoke with lead author Christian Anderson, a professor in the department of immunology and microbiology at Scripps research institute, about a new version of the recent rumor that the virus was accidentally leaked by researchers during a study.So far, Anderson said, the evidence supporting this theory is zero, and the chance of an accidental release in the lab is “one in a million.”

△ Forbes published a story about the evolution of the virus’s origins over several months

The government contradicts itself

U.S. secretary of state, peng admire Mr In early may has different media interview comments the contradiction, first in told ABC news, on May 3, “significant evidence” suggesting that the virus from the lab, but in just three days later, peng admire Mr Again said in an interview on CNN, “we don’t have an exact message”.But even so, pompeo insisted that his response was consistent and consistent with the position of senior U.S. military officials and intelligence agencies that the virus came from a laboratory.

However, Forbes noted that pompeo’s May 3 claim was explicitly denied by White House outbreak expert Anthony fauci and the pentagon over the next two days.Fauci told national geographic on May 4 that there was no evidence that the virus was “artificially or deliberately manipulated.”Army general mark milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said at a pentagon news conference May 5 that “we don’t know” whether the virus was circulating in a Chinese lab or in the market, but “there is a lot of evidence that it came from nature, not people.”

Pompeo acknowledged that the United States does not have conclusive evidence that the virus originated in a wuhan laboratory, CNN noted

All means are employed to obtain “evidence”

NPR notes that the administration’s disjointed rhetoric is similar to the tactics used during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.”Over the last three years, President trump has put a lot of pressure on the intelligence community to see the world through their own eyes,” former cia deputy director Michael morell told the radio station.

Former cia deputy director John McLaughlin told national public radio: “it reminds me of the argument between the cia and the bush administration over whether saddam had a relationship with al-qaeda.”McLaughlin said the office of then-vice President dick cheney kept up pressure on the cia to find evidence it did not have.”They kept asking questions of the intelligence agency, and we kept saying over and over again, you know, there was no evidence.”But after the intelligence community’s unequivocal assessment that Iraq had no ties to al-qaeda, Mr Cheney strongly supported that assertion.

Some scholars agree that the trump administration is repeating the tactics of 2003, and that interest drives distort intelligence conclusions, according to NPR.Jeffrey lewis, director of the east Asia nonproliferation program at the monterey school of international studies at middlehurst university, said the U.S. government is “creating these huge incentives within the intelligence community” to get the agency to tell the government what it wants to hear so “the government can do what it wants to do.”In the case of the Iraq war, U.S. agents obtained forged documents claiming that Iraq was trying to obtain uranium from the west African country of Niger, the report said.Lewis pointed out that the forgers were seeking financial gain, and if they could get it, “a lot of people around the world would be happy to falsify documents to show that the virus was leaked from a lab in wuhan,” and the U.S. government would likely use it to its advantage in a wide range of intelligence.

△ national public radio says a former top U.S. intelligence official has compared the origins of the virus to the 2003 war in Iraq

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