To develop coVID-19 vaccine using immunodominant antibody epitopes

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel have identified a novel Coronavirus as a potential vaccine that they believe could prevent another outbreak.
The study is in the journal MDPI Vaccines.

In bar-ilan university school of medicine in cancer genomics and complex disease biological computing lab director, study leader Dr Meera na · frankel – Morgan Stanley, said the researchers from the will of the coronavirus proteins identified a set of potential dominance of immune antigen epitope, they have the ability to produce antibodies and cell-mediated immune response, which can be used to develop response will be coronavirus passive vaccine.

Epitopes, also known as epitopes, are components of antigens that bind specific antigen receptors to the surface of B or T cells and promote an immune response.
Immune responses based on specific immunodominant antigen epitopes produce antibody-mediated and cell-mediated immunity against specific pathogens, promoting rapid and effective elimination of pathogens, the researchers said.

Using an extensive computational approach based on immunoinformatics, the team analyzed the novel Coronavirus proteome and identified the immunodominant antigen epitopes of the virus, Frankel Morgenstein said.
Novel Coronavirus and SARS virus have 25 epitopes identical to each other, and seven of them are potential vaccine candidates.
Analysis showed that these epitopes are non-toxic to humans and do not cause allergic reactions, while the risk of an autoimmune reaction is very low.

Frankel Morgenstern said the team is looking for partners and companies to determine the structure of the vaccine before conducting in vitro tests, animal models and human clinical trials.
She says the whole process will take at least six to 12 months.

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