The virus knows no borders. It knows no race

Virus infection knows no borders, and the epidemic spreads regardless of race.
The coVID-19 epidemic is spreading so quickly, infecting so widely, and controlling it with unprecedented difficulty.
The COVID-19 epidemic is a major crisis and common challenge facing all mankind, and no member of the international community can stay aloof from it.
Countries should join hands to fight the epidemic and build a community of human health.

Novel Coronavirus origin unknown, scientists of all countries should work together to trace the virus source and provide scientific support for epidemic prevention and control

The history of human civilization is also a history of struggle between mankind and diseases. Major infectious diseases are the common enemy of all mankind.
Throughout human history, from the plague that nearly wiped out Athens in 430 BC, to the Black Death in Europe in the Middle Ages, to the a (H1N1) outbreak in the United States at the beginning of this century, infectious diseases have accompanied human development.
Despite our growing understanding of viruses, we are often at a loss for what to do about them.

The coVID-19 outbreak is fierce and rare in a century.
Exactly when, where and what novel Coronavirus came from is still a mystery.
The novel Coronavirus traceability includes many links such as epidemiological investigation, host screening, virus isolation and identification, and genome analysis. The process is long and uncertain.
At present, the tracing study of the novel Coronavirus is still in the early stage, and the origin of the novel Coronavirus is still inconclusive.
In fact, it is not just novel Coronavirus, AIDS, SARS and many other viruses that have appeared in human history. Although great progress has been made in tracing their origins, they are still going on up to now.
The devastating “Spanish flu” of 1918 took years to trace its origins to the United States and not Spain.
Therefore, we should adhere to a scientific, rational and cooperative attitude and firmly oppose the stigma of virus traceability. Instead, we should rely on the joint scientific research of all countries in the world to tackle the problem of virus traceability.

The WORLD Health Organization has repeatedly reiterated that there should be no discrimination in the naming of viruses based on national names and geographical names, and said that genetic sequence evidence and related opinions indicated that the virus originated in nature.
Three editorials in the Journal Nature called for an immediate end to the stigmatization of novel Coronavirus and an apology for linking novel Coronavirus with Wuhan and China.
Novel Coronavirus is not artificial or intended, said Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House outbreak Response task force and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The novel Coronavirus “may have been discovered by a scientist in nature, brought back to the lab and then released” is not worth the time.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the CPC and the Chinese government quickly and effectively organized scientific and technological breakthroughs, and identified SARS-COV-2 as the culprit of COVID-19 within a short period of time.
January 7, 2020, the first strain isolated success will be coronavirus strain, on January 8, the preliminary confirmation will be coronavirus as the epidemic pathogeny, on January 9 share initial progress was made in etiology identification with the world health organization (who), January 12, submitted to the world health organization (who) will be coronavirus genome sequence information, as the global vaccine research and development, drug research and disease control, etc. Provides a important basis.
Who Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebrezek commented that “China identified the pathogen in a record time and Shared full genetic sequence information with THE WHO and other countries.”
Meanwhile, there are indications that novel Coronavirus has begun to spread in several countries by the end of 2019, but the origin of the virus remains to be determined.

The novel coronavirus tracing study is of great importance for epidemic prevention and control and surveillance. International scientific research cooperation should be strengthened to jointly solve the mystery of virus.
One is to carry out large-scale viral genome sequencing analysis.
We call upon WHO to coordinate relevant work and step up the work of novel Coronavirus isolation and sequencing to study the evolutionary origin, mutation and virulence change of the viral genome causing coVID-19 epidemic around the world, so as to track and control the epidemic.
Second, a large-scale serological review will be carried out to trace the early transmission route of the virus, analyze the novel Coronavirus infection of a pneumonia patient in October 2019 or even earlier, clarify the pathogenic virus of pneumonia, and discover the early birthplace and possible transmission route of the epidemic.
Third, we will strengthen the investigation of coronavirus infection among wild animals and wildlife contacts, and study the cross-transmission route of novel Coronavirus, so as to provide basis for tracing the origin of novel Coronavirus.

Novel Coronavirus is an unknown pathogenic mechanism and transmission mechanism. The global scientific community should work together to clarify the mechanism, develop drugs and develop vaccines

Novel Coronavirus is highly pathogenic and infectious, and according to the variety of clinical symptoms and severity rate of COVID-19, it is one of the most difficult viruses to deal with in human history.
According to the World Health Organization, more than 50% of people with severe coVID-19 die.
In addition to typical symptoms such as acute respiratory syndrome, severe patients may also have systemic symptoms such as multi-organ failure.
The presence of asymptomatic infected person indicates that novel Coronavirus infection has strong occult properties.

The pathogenesis of this new virus is still poorly understood, and it is still some time before a specific drug to treat COVID-19 and a vaccine to prevent infection can be developed.
Novel Coronavirus is obviously more infectious than SARS virus, and its peak concentration in the upper respiratory tract is more than 1000 times higher than SARS virus.
The scientists found that both novel Coronavirus and SARS virus enter human cells by binding ACE2 receptor, but novel Coronavirus binding is more efficient.
In addition, novel Coronavirus can also integrate TMPRSS2 into human cells.
Potential target cells of ACE2 and TMPRSS2 can be found throughout the body, but whether novel Coronavirus can infect all target cells remains to be further studied.
In addition to respiratory distress caused by pulmonary infection, “inflammatory storm”, that is, excessive activation of the immune system, can lead to systemic inflammatory response syndrome and damage to vital organs in patients with severe COVID-19.
Virus-induced thrombosis further increases the risk of death in critically ill patients, whose exact causes remain to be explored.
Novel Coronavirus will have mutations in its gene sequence during the global transmission. Whether certain mutations will affect the viral infection ability and the effectiveness of the vaccine under development still needs further exploration.
It can be seen that there is still a long way to go to clarify the novel coronavirus pathogenesis and transmission mechanism.

The unclear pathogenesis makes the novel Coronavirus drug development and vaccine research difficult, and its strong infectivity and pathogenicity further aggravate the difficulty of scientific research.
To speed up drug screening, on 18 March WHO and partners launched a coronavirus drug solidarity clinical trial designed to help find an effective treatment for novel Coronavirus.
Tedros announced on April 24 that WHO and its global partners are launching an international cooperative initiative called Access to CoVID-19 Tool Accelerators to accelerate the development, production and equitable distribution of coVID-19 treatment drugs, preventive vaccines and diagnostic tools, and to strengthen world cooperation in the fight against coVID-19.
The “China experience” plays an important role in accelerating the screening of effective antiviral drugs, such as Reddisivir and Ritonavir used in China for the treatment of COVID-19, which were included in the Solidarity clinical trial to further evaluate their effectiveness against the virus;
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has obvious curative effect in improving patients’ symptoms and blocking mild and normal type to severe and critical type.
To help the global fight against coVID-19, China has Shared with 180 countries and more than 10 international and regional organizations a full set of technical documents on the latest diagnosis and treatment plans, prevention and control plans and other relevant measures.
The novel Coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally controlled by effective vaccines.
To speed up vaccine research, the European Union plans to spend 4 billion euros of pledges from several countries on vaccine development.
There are currently 8 novel Coronavirus vaccine candidates for clinical trial in the world, and 4 of them have been developed in China. This demonstrates the firm confidence and scientific strength of China in vaccine development.

To resolutely contain the grim situation of the global pandemic, we need to work together against time and in an efficient manner to develop viral drugs and vaccines.
First, global scientists should work together to speed up the screening process for drugs and vaccines, share timely information on the types of drugs screened, the efficacy of drugs, the efficacy of vaccines, clinical patient resources and the range of suitable populations, and reduce unnecessary duplication of clinical trials and waste of patient resources.
Second, we need to formulate a global “scientific research roadmap” for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, focusing on the prevention and control policies, research and development of drugs and vaccines as well as strategic reserves, and coordinate the global scientific research force to speed up the research and development of tracing, drugs, vaccines and detection of infectious diseases.
Third, the United Nations, the WORLD Health Organization and other international organizations will lead efforts to establish a new mode of international scientific research cooperation and a new mode of international scientific research achievement sharing for the research and development of antiviral drugs and vaccines.
Fourth, we will increase resource input and work together to help developing countries with weak research systems and institutions build up their research systems and institutions and enhance their research and development capacity for drugs and vaccines.
Fifth, we should carry forward the essence of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, accelerate the research of traditional Chinese medicine in accordance with the development law of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the complementary and coordinated development of Chinese and Western medicine in accordance with the principle of placing equal emphasis on Traditional Chinese and western medicine, and give full play to the unique advantages and role of traditional Chinese medicine in preventing and treating diseases.

Countries around the world should increase their sense of urgency and responsibility in responding to major epidemic risks and work together to build a community of human health

In recent decades, almost all major infectious diseases and emerging infectious diseases have led to outbreaks in several countries and even caused a world pandemic.
For example, since the discovery of the first AIDS patient in the United States in 1981, HIV has spread to almost every country and region of the world, causing more than 32 million deaths worldwide.
In 2009, influenza A (H1N1) spread to 214 countries and territories after a large outbreak in the United States, resulting in nearly 200,000 deaths.
Major infectious diseases and emerging infectious diseases require all countries to enhance their sense of urgency, responsibility and capacity to deal with the risks of major epidemics.

COVID – 19, after the outbreak in jinping comrades as the core of the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to, rapid deployment, proposed the firm faith, in the same boat, scientific control, precise ShiCe general requirements, has been clear about the resolutely curb the momentum of the spread and resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control the overall goal of the war, fully developing the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, the overall deployment of all kinds of resources, from all walks of life at the first time effectively solve the problem of epidemic prevention and control resource shortage, showed China speed;
346 medical teams and 42,600 medical workers rushed to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic in Hubei, demonstrating China’s strength.
The whole country is playing a chess game, working day and night to weave a tight epidemic prevention and control network, demonstrating China’s efficiency.
China’s health governance system and capacity have withstood the test of epidemic prevention and control, but they still fall short of the severe challenges posed by major epidemics and the higher expectations of the people.
We should take a long-term and forward-looking perspective, make overall plans, speed up the improvement of systems and mechanisms for the prevention and control of major coVID-19 outbreaks, and upgrade the modernization of health management.

In today’s world, economic globalization and world integration are deepening, economic and social activities across regions are becoming more frequent, and the spread of the epidemic across borders is aggravated by various factors. Human health is facing great challenges.
Health problems are no longer limited to viruses, epidemics and diseases. Human health problems, health issues and health concerns have long gone beyond national and ethnic borders and borders. Human health and animal health, environmental hygiene, food safety and agricultural production interact with each other.
Therefore, to expand the community of Shared future for mankind to health and jointly build a community of human health will surely provide new ideas, new ideas and new directions for strengthening international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control and improving the global health system.

To jointly build a community of human health, first, we must firmly uphold the concept of “complete health”.
Surrounding areas of significant health between humans, animals and the environment and governance system, on raising and improving individual human and animal health, community health and ecosystem health, organize and coordinate global innovation synergy of humans, animals and the environment interface research major projects, efforts to promote international cooperation and global health comprehensive global health action, from “human, animals, and environmental health of the overall perspective to improve human health governance capabilities.
Second, firmly establish the concept of “global health”.
We should foster a sense of community with a Shared future for mankind, abandon national boundaries, racial discrimination and political prejudice, and put an end to prevarication and finger-pointing. We should build a community of health and well-being in which all countries and people help each other, depend on each other, and work together in the same boat in pursuit of human health and well-being.
We should strengthen global health governance, support the United Nations and the WORLD Health Organization in playing a central role, and establish a sustainable multilateral consultation mechanism, a crisis cooperation response mechanism, and a close and effective joint prevention and control network led by governments, with the participation of all parties.
Third, firmly establish the concept of “health for all”.
The safety and health of the people is the foundation of the development of human society.
The enjoyment of health by all is the core value of the free and all-round development of human beings, and it is also an integral part of building a community with a Shared future for mankind.
Virus is a serious threat to the health and well-being of mankind, the world should consciously unify their own development and the human society development, the construction of a “common security” the health of the world, together against major infectious diseases such as risk challenge, and better is the escort of human survival and development, maintain the whole safety and health of the human well-being.

Health is an eternal topic of human society and an important subject of civilization progress.
The concept of global health has become the consensus of all countries and international organizations. Respecting people’s right to life and health and safeguarding health and safety is the common vision of all mankind.
To face up to the overall challenge posed by the virus and the epidemic, solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons.
Only by joining hands to build a community of health for all and pooling the strong joint efforts of all countries to safeguard human health can we resolutely fight the global battle against the epidemic and win the battle against the virus and the epidemic.

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