The US vaccine has “fatal defects”, and China is producing it on a large scale

For nearly a year, the world has been shrouded in the shadow of a new coronavirus outbreak, but the virus did not fade with the arrival of 2020, and is still rampaging around the world.
More seriously, after Britain announced the emergence of a new coronary atherosclerosis variant, South Africa, the United States, India, Japan, South Korea and other more than a dozen countries have announced the mutation of the infected people.

The situation of this outbreak is getting more serious, the world is pinning its hopes on the vaccine, but at the critical moment, the US vaccine has once again revealed “fatal defect”!

US vaccine in trouble again, showing ‘fatal flaws’

Although more than 100 vaccines are under development worldwide this year, only a few are currently on the market, with both Chinese and US vaccines playing a major role.
But there has been a steady stream of bad news about the US vaccine, most recently “fatal flaws”.
The United States is suspected of violating cold-chain vaccine storage rules, and Germany has caught it.

The vaccine has been temporarily suspended in several places in Germany after Pfizer Inc. began offering it, as it was found to be stored at extremely unregulated temperatures in some places in Bavaria, Reuters reported.

A number of EU member states started the vaccination at the end of December, but the German regional government called off the vaccination because the temperature in the storage tank of the vaccine was not in accordance with the regulations, and it was suspected that the vaccine was not transported in the cold chain as required.

Pfizer has designed a dedicated transport machine filled with dry ice to prevent the vaccine from failing in transit due to temperature problems, the company said.
Vaccines can last up to six months at low temperatures, compared with five days in normal storage (around 2 ° C).

Again, good news for China. Academician Zhong Nanshan spoke the truth.

For the Chinese, good news comes before bad news about the U.S. vaccine.
The Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said that the final results of a Phase III clinical trial of the vaccine conducted by China in the UAE were as high as 86 percent effective, according to an earlier report by China Youth Online.
Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has officially approved a nationwide vaccination campaign.

At this point, Academician Zhong Nanshan told the truth!
According to the International Tourism Island Business Newspaper, Academician Zhong said that the most urgent task is the vaccine project under the current tense situation of the epidemic, China calls on medical centers to pay attention to the vaccine work, the whole world is looking forward to China’s vaccine!
In fact, the urgency of the vaccine is not only from China, but also from the international community. Now many countries in the world continue to pay attention to the Chinese vaccine!

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