The United States has rejected the WHO’s assertion, insisting that the virus came from Wuhan

The U.S. government is reviewing a World Health Organization report released Tuesday, according to a February 9 fact sheet on the White House website.
The world health organization expert group arrived in China last month, is China’s wuhan COVID – 19 source investigation, after the world health organization (who) after visiting survey to determine COVID – 19 viruses could not have come from the so-called lab, however, the White House is now going to reassess the conclusion by the world health organization, is the White House isn’t going to admit that the world health organization expert group, the results.

The US insists that the Covid-19 virus came from Wuhan

Earlier, the US State Department spokesperson said that no reasonable person would believe that the Covid-19 virus came from anywhere else, which means that the US has determined that the Covid-19 virus came from Wuhan, China, and is determined to hack China.

When the Covid-19 virus appeared, the United States had repeatedly said that the Covid-19 virus was the Chinese virus Wuhan virus, claiming that the Covid-19 virus originated from China and claiming compensation from China. Such unrealistic accusations by the United States would only become an international laughing stock.
After Biden took office, he quickly asked the United States not to allow the use of the Wuhan virus, China virus, but still some anti-China politicians turned a blind eye to it.

World Health Organization clears China

On the afternoon of February 9th, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese experts on the investigation of the source of Covid-19 virus officially held a press conference in Wuhan.
The World Health Organization notes that the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted directly from animals to humans or by intermediate hosts.
The food chain is also a route of transmission, and frozen foods in particular provide a suitable environment for transmission, but at the moment, the possibility of laboratory leakage is basically zero.

After the WHO expert team came to Wuhan, China, they went to the South China Seafood Market, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other places for investigation, and found no conclusive evidence to prove that the initial location of Covid-19 virus was in the South China seafood market.
Russian experts say the Chinese laboratory is so well equipped that it is hard to believe that Covid-19 could have leaked from there.

A clown is doomed to failure in the end

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent a panel of experts from several countries to produce an authoritative report.
The United States has repeatedly claimed that the Covid-19 virus originated in Wuhan, China. Now the WHO panel has conclusively concluded that at this stage, the United States has admitted that the WHO report is nothing more than a slap in the face. It is not possible for the United States to do this.

When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, the United States turned to China many times to divert the pressure of the epidemic, but this approach did little to help the United States fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, and ultimately only made more Americans die to pay for the government’s inaction.

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