The second country with more than 10 million confirmed cases has been born, and 140,000 people have died nationwide

[History] From the perspective of world history, although human beings are advanced creatures and the level of scientific and technological development is very high, they are still helpless and helpless in the face of the threat of nature in many cases.
In the end, it brings great harm to the world and great turbulence to the world.
The most typical example is the current epidemic. Until now, there has been no good solution. As a result, the epidemic continues to spread around the world.
In many countries, the epidemic continues to be severe. The following country is the most typical one. It is the second country with more than 10 million confirmed cases and 140,000 deaths.

That country is India.
From a global perspective, the most severe outbreak of the epidemic happened in the United States, the most developed country with the best medical treatment.
Since the outbreak began, it has been spreading. The total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 20 million, which is the largest number of confirmed cases in the world. Based on the population of the United States, the proportion of confirmed cases is as high as 8%.

And it’s growing by tens or even hundreds of thousands of people a day, and at that rate, the total number of diagnoses in the United States could exceed 50 million.
After the United States, India is the second country in the world to have more than 10 million cases diagnosed.
According to data released by India, 10.3 million people have been diagnosed in the country as of recently, making it the second country after the United States to have more than 10 million.

And the death toll continues to climb, reaching more than 140,000 nationwide, among the highest in the world in both confirmed and fatal cases. That’s why India has become the world’s hardest-hit country.
Especially now, as the epidemic continues to spread and grow rapidly across India, the number of newly confirmed cases has recently reached a new high.

In particular, India’s sprawling slums, rural areas, have become endemic.
And India has always had poor sanitation, and with such a large population, that’s the easiest place to spread.
So India is now basically in every state in the country, the epidemic is very serious.
Now India is basically giving up on the epidemic, not doing much beyond basic measures.

As The Prime minister of India, his main concern is also economic issues, fearing that the control of the epidemic will affect the economic development.
So many agencies even predict that the total number of diagnoses in India is now underestimated, and that there may be more than 300 million people in India who have been infected, but have not been detected.
And India’s poor hygiene and health care make it worse.

More seriously, we can see that the entire Indian economy has declined greatly this year, and its GDP has been surpassed by the UK and other countries again. The gap between India and China has not narrowed, but widened. This is due to the wrong measures taken by India during the epidemic.
Not only have hundreds of Chinese technology companies and apps been banned from entering and using them, but border tensions have also been created.
The result was a domestic depression, a severe epidemic, a record number of confirmed and dead cases, and a full-blown epidemic that continued to threaten the country.

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