The new coronavirus in the United Kingdom and the United States have merged, and this can be done

  Humans shouldn’t really be finished. . . According to the test of a new coronavirus patient by scientists, they found that the new crown virus Kent B117 from the United Kingdom actually merged with the California variant B1429 from the United States, resulting in a new type of new crown virus. This virus will have stronger transmission and penetration, and is likely to cause some current vaccines to be ineffective.

  It is relatively rare to have a combination of viruses. It is still unclear whether the two viruses are synthesized in the patient’s body (in this case, thank goodness, as long as this patient is done), or the combination has been completed and the infection was transmitted to this patient.

  At present, the number of vaccination in the UK has exceeded 15 million, entering a new stage. If this syncytial virus spreads on a large scale in the UK, it is likely to cause previous vaccination efforts to fall short.

  For everyone in the UK, you must be very concerned about when life will return to normal. According to the current situation of the epidemic situation, by mid-April, the number of infections may drop below 1,000. At the same time, due to large-scale herd immunity and universal vaccination, it is likely that the mortality rate will be reduced to zero by then.

  Isn’t it surprising that after a year, Britain is really about to achieve herd immunity? It turned out that the Prime Minister was serious when he started joking. Finally, let’s talk about how you got fat during this time?

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