The mutant new coronavirus has spread to nearly 20 countries

Following the novel Coronavirus that was found to be more contagious in the UK, new virus variants have been confirmed in Spain, Sweden and Canada.

Novel Coronavirus infected patients have been found in nearly 20 countries in the past 14 days, according to the Beijing News.
The Japanese government announced last night that it would suspend the entry of new passengers worldwide from December 28.
Previously, five confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus infection were reported in Japan, all of whom had recently travelled to the UK.

Two mutation novel Coronavirus infected patients were found in Canada, which had been “locked down”.

According to CTV, on December 26 local time, Ontario, Canada said in a statement that there were two new confirmed cases of mutation coronavirus in the UK.
Ontario thus became the first province in Canada to discover a mutation novel Coronavirus case.

Ontario’s assistant Chief medical officer, Barbara Yaffe, said the two confirmed cases are a couple from the Durham region, east of Toronto.
It is important to note that both men have no recent history of travel or exposure to high-risk cases.
At present, they have been in accordance with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations, self-isolation.

Yaffe also notes that “the presence of two novel variant coronavirus patients is further evidence that Ontarians should stay home as much as possible and comply with the vaccination policy.”

Public health experts said it was “not surprising” that a mutation novel Coronavirus confirmed case appeared in Canada.
/ Screenshot of Canadian TV network CTV

On December 20 local time, the day after the UK officially announced the discovery of the mutation coronavirus, Prime Minister Of Canada Justin Trudeau announced that all commercial and private passenger flights from the UK would be suspended until January 6, 2021.

According to PHAC, “As virus testing continues, it is anticipated that we will see more cases of infected mutation coronavirus in Canada”.

“I am not surprised,” said Brian Conway, Medical Director of The Vancouver Center for Infectious Diseases. “Clearly, novel Coronavirus had begun to spread in Canada before these two confirmed cases were found.”

“We need to do more virus testing to find out where the couple infected with the mutation Coronavirus, and only by understanding the ‘chain of transmission’ can we break it off.”
Conway said.

Ontario has gone into a lockdown, shutting down all non-essential shops and banning indoor activities and social gatherings.

More than 2,000 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Ontario almost every day for the past 12 days, Reuters reported. Local hospitals are already overwhelmed and the number of patients in Ontario’s intensive care units is expected to reach 1,500 by mid-January.

Four novel coronavirus cases were confirmed in Spain, none of which were serious

According to The Local ES, on December 26, Local time, four confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus infection were reported in Madrid, Spain.
According to the sequencing results, the novel Coronavirus strain infected by them was identical to the mutant coronavirus strain found in the UK.

“All four confirmed cases have traveled to the United Kingdom and entered Spain via Madrid Barajas International Airport, but they are not seriously ill and do not have very serious symptoms of infection,” Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, deputy public health minister for the Madrid region, said at a news conference.

A novel mutation coronavirus was first confirmed in Spain in the United Kingdom.
/ Screenshots from ‘The Local ES’ report

“Local health authorities are in the process of sequencing the viral genomes of three additional patients with suspected novel coronavirus, and results are expected by December 29 or 30,” Mr. Zapatero added.

The move follows a decision by the Spanish government to temporarily ban people from the UK from entering Spain from 0:00 on December 22, except For Spanish citizens and travellers holding Spanish residence permits.

A traveller from the UK was diagnosed in Sweden

According to Reuters, on December 26, Sweden’s Department of Health announced the first case of a novel coronavirus infection in the country.

Public Health Officer Sarah Biforth said that a traveller from the United Kingdom had been diagnosed with avirus from a mutation of the novel Coronavirus and was in quarantine. No further cases of the virus had been found in Sweden.

A traveller from England infected with a mutation of novel Coronavirus was first discovered in Sweden.
/ Screenshots from Reuters

The Government of Sweden announced on 21 December that due to the case of a novel coronavirus infection confirmed in Denmark and the approach of Christmas, travellers from Denmark, with the exception of Swedish citizens, would be prohibited from entering Sweden.
The Swedish health department has also demanded that all travellers arriving from the UK be tested for nucleic acids and self-isolated since 12 December.

In the past 14 days, nearly 20 countries have confirmed cases of mutation coronavirus

To date, in the past 14 days, novel Coronavirus infected patients have been found in nearly 20 countries.

According to BBC, in addition to Canada, Spain and Sweden, confirmed cases of the novel mutation coronavirus were also found in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iceland, The Netherlands, Australia, Israel, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Lebanon, Ireland and Japan.
To date, there are still several countries with novel coronavirus of unknown origin.

More confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection were found in Europe.
/ SCREENshots from the BBC report

At the same time, a variant of the novel Coronavirus that appeared in England was discovered in South Africa.
Health authorities in the UK and South Africa “clashed” over the infectiousness and origin of the novel Coronavirus.

On December 23 local time, matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health, said that a second novel variant coronavirus, related to South Africa, had been discovered in the UK. “This is very worrying because a novel variant coronavirus emerged in the UK is more contagious and appears to have a more severe mutation than the previous variant virus”.

A day later, South Africa’s health minister, Zweli Mukesh, refuted the claim.

“There is no evidence whatsoever that a mutation found ona South African novel Coronavirus is” more contagious “than one found in the UK or elsewhere in the world,” Mukez said in a statement.

Novel Coronavirus appears to be a variant from a novel coronavirus found in The UK and South Africa, but it needs to be investigated further, said Christopher Kengzon, director of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ACCORDING to THE Associated Press.

Novel Coronavirus first appeared “irus from person to person” in Japan

According to The Japan Times, on December 26 local time, following the discovery of a confirmed case of infected mutation coronavirus in various countries around the world, the Government of Japan announced that it would temporarily stop the entry of new passengers worldwide from December 28 to the end of January 2021.

In a statement, the government said It would allow Japanese citizens and foreign nationals with residence permits to enter Japan, but they must provide negative nucleic acid tests within 72 hours of departure.
Immediately upon arrival in Japan, a two-week quarantine is required.

In addition, the Japanese government will also allow business people and students from 11 countries and regions, including the Chinese mainland and other countries and regions with better control of the epidemic, such as South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.

Due to novel Coronavirus, Japan will stop the entry of foreign citizens.
/ Screenshot from Japan Times

Meanwhile, two mutation novel Coronavirus cases discovered in Britain were confirmed in Japan on the same day. One of them was a pilot over 30 years old who had visited the UK before the diagnosis and returned to Japan on 16 December local time.
The other confirmed case is his relative, a woman with no history of travel to the UK.

For professional reasons, the pilot was not subject to quarantine at the airport, and was finally confirmed by tests in Tokyo.
According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, the woman with no travel history from Britain was infected by the same man in Japan, and this mutation novel Coronavirus is the first to appear “irus from person to person” in Japan.

On December 25 local time, five travellers returning from The UK were confirmed infected with a mutation of a novel Coronavirus. This was the first confirmed case of a mutation coronavirus in Japan.

Tokyo Medical University professor Dumo Hamada said it was time for Japan to take some new measures, including tightening border controls, kyodo news reported.

“Once this novel Coronavirus, a highly contagious mutation, enters Japan, the number of confirmed cases in Tokyo could hit 2,000 in a day and put the epidemic in another state of emergency,” notes Mr. Hamada.

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