The coronavirus appeared in Europe in November! Doctor: Keep going. We must find patient zero

Researchers in Colmar, France, examined some 2,500 x-rays from late 2019 and found that many of them had novel Coronavirus symptoms.
These findings indicate that Novel Coronavirus appeared in Europe earlier than previously thought.

During the examination, Dr. Michel Schmitt of Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Colma, northeast France, and his team found that two chest X-ray images taken on November 16 and 18 were consistent with symptoms of COVID-19, the Buenos Aires Economic News reported.

In addition, 12 coVID-19 cases were detected on X-rays in December and another 16 in January.
Dr. Schmidt said the team would continue to work on the x-rays from October in an effort to find the source of the virus’s spread.

France officially reported its first confirmed case on Jan. 24, but as the investigation progressed, the country has repeatedly overturned the date of the earliest case.
Some time ago, a French physician tested a sample left by a patient he had treated before and confirmed a case of novel Coronavirus on 27 December when it was infected.
The most surprising part of this discovery is that no one knows how he became infected.

Now, scientists in France, trying to figure out how the virus got into France, are insisting that patient Zero must be found.
Therefore, we can see that French researchers continue to investigate through various means, such as this time using X-ray screening, a major breakthrough, directly brought forward the date of coVID-19 infection in Europe to last November.

Last November in confirmed cases of things is not the first time heard, before the United States said a mayor, New Jersey, is convinced that he had in November last year has affected will be coronavirus, and there was a lot of people like him, but there is no conclusive evidence, only by antibody testing to determine their own once infected, but what is the specific time of infection, antibody showed not to come out.

California’s previous effort to “dig down to the source” made some progress, pushing back the date of the country’s first confirmed cases and deaths by nearly a month, but by the time it was ready to dig deeper, there was no more to follow.

The epidemic is a disaster, but for scientists, it is also an opportunity to improve the level of health and medical care. The United States may want to hide something, but France has no such scruitance.

Though new outbreak has been a few months time, but for human will know coronavirus is still very limited, which is why the current outbreak continues to upgrade, the main reasons for this is the enemy of mankind, to beat it will find out all the ins and outs of it, it needs a common effort, hiding anything, the more the more bad to solve the problem.

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