South China’s seafood market may be just one of the spots where the virus has spread

There is insufficient evidence to confirm the human transmission of Covid-19 in Wuhan before December 2019.
It is highly unlikely that the Wuhan outbreak was caused by a laboratory leak.

Beijing News – The China-WHO Joint Expert Group on Novel Coronavirus Traceability held a press conference yesterday.
According to Liang Wannian, the Chinese leader of the joint panel and executive vice president of the Vanke School of Public Health and Health at Tsinghua University, South China’s seafood market may be just one of the transmission points of the virus.
Peter, the head of the foreign expert group, said it was highly unlikely that a laboratory leak caused the Wuhan outbreak.

The animal samples tested in the South China seafood market were not positive

Liang said the spread of the infection may have occurred in Wuhan in December 2019.
Given that some of the early cases are associated with the South China seafood market, some cases are associated with other markets, and some cases are not associated with any market.
Preliminary judgment, South China seafood market is likely to be a point of transmission of the virus, but at the same time other places in Wuhan seems to be possible to spread the phenomenon.
Based on current information, it is not possible to determine how the virus was introduced into South China’s seafood market or other markets.

Liang Wannian introduced some data of the early cycle of novel coronavirus by reviewing the published research literature through some literature reviews.
The novel coronavirus circulation may be several weeks earlier than the initial detection of cases, and some suspected positive samples may even be detected earlier than some related first case reports, suggesting that some areas may have missed diagnosis.
These so-called missed diagnoses are closely related to disease and virus characteristics, and this is our basic judgment based on the analysis of relevant data from around the world.

Foreign experts, in the South China seafood market test of animal samples, no positive.
Among the large number of animals found in the market, some may be susceptible to novel coronavirus, such as bamboo rat, rabbit, ferret badger, etc.
In addition, traceability also includes related suppliers, farms, regions, etc., some of which have bat related viruses.
But these studies are meant to provide more clues.

A laboratory virus leak is highly unlikely

Peter, the head of the foreign expert group, said that novel coronavirus most likely infects people through intermediate hosts.
China has done a lot of sampling of bats, but other countries also have bats and other species that should be studied in the future.
In addition, Wuhan is not a large bat colony, so it is unlikely that the outbreak was initially transmitted from bats to humans. It could have been spread by other animals.

As for a laboratory virus leak, he said it was highly unlikely.
He said that the expert group discussed and inquired with relevant laboratory management and staff, and also went to the Wuhan Institute of Virus to visit its P4 laboratory, and believed that the virus could not be leaked from the laboratory.
This judgment is based on evidence and rational analysis, not subjective feelings.

Liang Wannian said that laboratory leakage is only two ways, synthetic or virus leakage.
Artificial synthesis has long been proved impossible, and there is no novel coronavirus in the laboratory, how to talk about leakage?
Therefore, based on current knowledge and judgment, laboratory leakage is highly unlikely.

S attention

There is insufficient evidence to establish transmission of the virus in Wuhan prior to December 2019

According to Liang, the research team reviewed sentinel surveillance data of adult influenza-like patients at a hospital in Wuhan and SARI surveillance data at a hospital in Hubei province, and the results showed that there was no circulation of Covid-19 virus of a certain scale that had not been identified in Wuhan in the second half of 2019.

The presence of novel coronavirus was also not detected in a retrospective examination of more than 4,500 specimens from the study program stored in hospitals in Wuhan, other parts of Hubei Province and other provinces in late 2019, based on preserved laboratory samples and other supporting early traceback work.
After analysis, retail pharmacies failed to provide useful information about the early social activities of Novel Coronavirus.

From July to December 2019, the monitoring data of all causes and pneumonia deaths in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province except Wuhan showed no evidence of unexpected fluctuation in the death trend, which could not indicate the transmission of CoviD-19 in the population before December 2019, and there was not enough evidence to confirm the transmission of the virus in Wuhan before December 2019.

233 medical institutions in wuhan in October 2019 1 solstice December 10 because of fever, acute respiratory disease, 4 kinds of influenza-like illness, unexplained pneumonia disease or one of the symptoms of the patients to medical institutions, a total of more than 70000 cases of serious search, expert analysis, screening, found no accord with COVID – 19 cases exist.
A retrospective search of other potential cases in Wuhan in the two months before the outbreak in December 2019 also found no evidence of novel coronavirus infection.
Combined with other surveillance evidence, it is unlikely that novel coronavirus pneumonia will occur in Wuhan in the above two months.

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Daxing Ronghui Community was transferred to a low-risk area

Beijing held the 225th press conference on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control yesterday.
Han Xinxing, deputy head of Daxing District, said that with the approval of the Daxing District Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control leading group, 13 gated communities in the Tiangrong Hospital have been fully unsealed on February 6, and normal prevention and control measures such as health monitoring have been implemented, gradually restoring the normal life order of 41,000 residents.
On February 9, blends together the community is adjusted for low risk areas, according to the closed control village, community unsealed guidance on the process of program requirements, has five letters such as synchronous launched blends together the community of community unlock procedures, ongoing total nucleic acid detection and expert evaluation, expected to complete the nucleic acid detection sampling and on-site inspection evaluation.

If the nucleic acid test results are all negative, the seal will be unsealed after passing the assessment and confirming that there is no risk.
After the release of the seal, residents should also be monitored for 7 days, during which time, avoid participating in all kinds of collective activities, do not eat, do not gather, and report to the unit community temperature status.

New crown vaccine vaccination work is non-stop during the Spring Festival

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said Beijing has basically completed the vaccination of nine key groups of people.
During the Spring Festival, the Beijing New Crown vaccine vaccination work is non-stop, each district opened at least one vaccination site to provide vaccination services, citizens can according to the work unit or community arranged orderly vaccination.

Beijing COVID – 19 quarantine and epidemic prevention and control work leading group testing group deputy team leader, zhang hua, deputy director of the Beijing municipal health committee of Beijing WeiJianWei’s deployment, request all kinds of hospitals at all levels to further increase the nucleic acid detection, source during Spring Festival, in principle, the country’s public laboratory, municipal nucleic acid detection base through various channels, every day every source of issue no. 2000 to 3000, the district of the detection base number issued by the source to keep every day in 500 to about 1000.

Xu Hejian, spokesman for the Beijing municipal government, said the capital, Beijing has put the life safety and body health of the people first, powerful and orderly and effective in the prevention and control work, the whole city solidarity and cooperation, work together, grow together, precise control, scientific prevention, disease resistance struggle made a major strategic achievement in the capital, as a whole to promote disease prevention and control and produced significant results, and China’s economic and social development made due contribution to the fight against disease.

Beijing has experienced various tests and challenges, such as imported from outside Beijing, imported from outside China, cold-chain transmission, ultra-long incubation period infection, and mutation transmission of British strains. Beijing has accurately won the battle against the clustered epidemic in the wholesale market of the new origin, and effectively controlled the localized clustered epidemic in Shunyi District and Tiangongyuan in Daxing District.

Xu Hejian said during the Spring Festival to do a good job in the sealed communities after the unsealed normal prevention and control work.
Strengthen the work force of the centralized observation point, do a good job of emergency duty, isolation, and convey care and sympathy to each person in the observation, so that everyone has a safe New Year.
We will continue to strictly control and control the number of people entering Beijing from medium-high risk areas, and continue to do a good job in remote prevention and control, health quarantine, closed-loop management and quarantine observation of people entering Beijing.
We will effectively strengthen supervision over inbound goods and cold-chain food.

Health tips for the Spring Festival holiday

● To strictly implement the main responsibility.
Strengthen social prevention and control, all units to make appointments to limit the flow, temperature testing code, wearing masks and other measures implemented.

● We should pay close attention to the current situation of the epidemic.
We would like to invite citizens to reduce their trips to Beijing. We suggest spending the Spring Festival in Beijing if necessary.

● Plan your trip in advance.
If you need to go out, you should prepare adequate protective materials such as masks and hand sanitizers.

● To do a good job of travel health protection.
When waiting for the plane or train, try not to stay in the crowded and dirty airtight places for a long time.

● Reduce unnecessary gatherings.
It is not advisable to host or attend dinner parties with large numbers of people.

● Maintain personal hygiene.

● Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

● To a reasonable diet and pay attention to health.

● Pay attention to health monitoring.
To take the initiative to report the illness and travel history, contact history, do not take sick to work.

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