South China seafood market, virus research institute is not the source of the virus!

WHO: The virus was most likely transmitted to humans through animals as intermediate hosts. There is no evidence that the virus escaped from the Wuhan laboratory…

It has been more than half a year since the outbreak of Niangang on a global scale. From 2020 to 2021, the shadow of Niangang has been hanging over the whole world…

The first outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, China, once boarded the center of the storm, a variety of rumors one after another!
Wuhan, a heroic city, has not only borne the great trauma brought by novel coronavirus, but also been constantly framed by foreign media.

In May 2020, the WHO made a decision to investigate the source of the virus, and the mission was conducted in October.
In January 2021, 17 experts from China and other 10 countries and 17 experts from the United Nations organization composed of novel coronavirus traceability group finally entered Wuhan……

For the past two weeks, the 34-member team of experts has made field visits to fresh markets, health departments and virus laboratories in and around Wuhan.

Now, the World Health Organization has finally “washed” the charges of Wuhan!!

Yesterday (Feb. 9, 2021) afternoon, Novel Coronavirus trace press conference held in Wuhan, the World Health Organization experts said there is no evidence that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan laboratory, and there is no evidence that the South China seafood market is the source of the virus.
Novel coronavirus probably passed from animal to human by host.
Experts no longer pursue laboratory hypotheses.
Experts also stressed that the origin of the new crown has only just begun…

The virus is most likely

It is transmitted to humans through animals as intermediate hosts

Speaking at a press conference in Wuhan, Dr Ben Embarek, head of the WHO’s Novel Coronavirus Traceability Group, said the investigation did not gain new insights, but deepened what was already known.
During a four-week investigation in China, the WHO panel failed to clarify how the novel coronavirus had spread to people.

While there are four hypotheses for the origin of novel coronavirus, Embarrek said the most likely is that it passed to humans through animals as intermediate hosts.
Three other hypotheses about the origin of the new coronavirus are: a specific animal is transmitted directly to humans, with no intermediate host;
Through frozen food;
Laboratory related incidents.

However, the team was unable to identify the animal as the intermediate host.
Experts say it is only a preliminary understanding and more research is needed.
Experts say the evidence suggests the virus may have come from a natural host.
“But Wuhan is not a large bat concentration, so the initial outbreak in Wuhan is unlikely to be bat-to-human. It could have been transmitted by other animals.”
More research should be done on bat samples, as well as on other potential host animals.

As for frozen foods, Ben Embarek said, “We know that viruses can survive freezing, but we don’t really know if they can be transmitted to people, under what circumstances and how they might happen.”

There’s no evidence that

The southern Chinese market is the source of the virus

According to experts, a certain scale of infection occurred among people in Wuhan in December 2019, and many of the early cases were linked to the South China seafood market, which can only prove that the market is one of the transmission points of the virus.
According to the current information, it is impossible to determine how the novel coronavirus was introduced into the South China seafood market.

Experts also said the initial infections were partly linked to seafood markets in southern China, partly to other markets and partly not to any market at all.

The virus can’t

It was leaked from the lab

As for rumors that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab, Ben Embarek said, “While accidents do happen…
But no laboratory anywhere in the world has published or conducted research using this virus or its close relatives “, so it is “very difficult to explain the introduction of the virus into human populations” using this hypothesis and further research is not recommended.
“It is very unlikely that anything will leak from there,” he said, citing the safety regulations of the Wuhan Virus Laboratory.

In an interview after a field visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Ben Embarek said, “The person you suspect is actually running a well-controlled lab and everything is in good order.
We saw everything, we heard everything.
It’s hard to imagine anything leaking out of there.”

In an interview, he clarified that “there is no basis for Western claims of laboratory leaks”.

Novel coronavirus tracing the origin just began, the conclusion that the world health organization and Chinese joint investigation group announce newest, let carry on the back a year the Wuhan of disgrace, finally “wash” his accusation!

Of course, the origin of novel coronavirus is important, but now for the global people, to be able to get herd immunity as soon as possible through the vaccine, to restore the normal life before the epidemic is the most important thing!

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