Rapid spread of covid mutant virus

On February 26, the new coronavirus b1526 spread rapidly in the United States.
The virus was first found in New York in November 2020, and then researchers have been checking out the existence of the mutated virus from patients. The number of cases of infection rose sharply from December 2020 to February this year, especially in the New York area.
Currently, 890 thousand people are diagnosed in New York’s covid, accounting for nearly 10% of the total in the United States. New York, the largest city in the United States, directly affects the economy, finance, media and politics in the United States. If the virus will infect or lead to severe infection again, New York will become the most serious disaster area in COVID-19.
It has been found that the mutant virus b1526 has stronger vaccine resistance and may weaken the human immune response to the virus. For this mutant strain, vaccine manufacturers are constantly developing and producing corresponding vaccines.

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