Novel Coronavirus is rampant, causing a novel virus to spread from person to person and afflicting many countries in Asia

At present, COVID-19 is becoming more and more dangerous. Thanks to novel Coronavirus mutation in UK, this novel coronavirus will spread more rapidly in UK and Europe.
Novel Coronavirus mutation spreads everywhere, alarming from person to person, many countries in the world begin to take strict measures to prevent mutation virus from entering the territory, China must be careful.

According to the World Wide Web, recently, the UK has confirmed that the mutated virus in the country, this mutation is more infectious than the original virus, 70% more than the original virus.
The closure was immediately ordered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and londoners flocked to train stations and underground stations to flee the city.
Many of these countries have closed their transport links to The UK to prevent the virus from entering the country, but there are still a number of unfortunate countries.

Following the discovery of a mutation coronavirus that was more contagious in the UK, more than ten countries have found infected patients infected with a mutation Coronavirus, including European countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, as well as countries such as Japan and Lebanon.
Italy has confirmed 14 new COVID-19 positive cases in the UK, the Italian health ministry said Wednesday.
The first case of mutant Novel Coronavirus infection was reported in Sweden on February 26.
The case is reported to be a traveller from the UK and is being quarantined.
The report also said that the Government of Ontario, Canada announced on the evening of 26th that two cases of mutation novel Coronavirus have been found in Canada.
The two cases are a married couple with no recent history of foreign travel and no contact with COVID-19 patients, the source said.
The Ontario government is urging people to continue to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations and stay home as much as possible.
The Public Health Department of Canada also issued a statement calling on the public to strengthen their awareness and take preventive measures to prevent novel Coronavirus from spreading.

Novel Coronavirus variants “are likely to have spread across the United States and may have a significant number by now,” said former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on December 27.
According to a report by Japanese media, there have been 7 cases of novel coronavirus infection in Japan, and the first case of human-to-human transmission occurred in China.
In an effort to prevent the spread of the mutated virus, the Japanese government announced Late Friday local time that it would suspend new arrivals from December 28 until the end of January.
According to NHK, a mutation novel Coronavirus recently discovered in the UK has spread to more than 10 countries and regions.
Compared with the original virus, the mutated virus is much more infectious.

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