Novel Coronavirus Exposes Fatal ‘Vulnerability’

Novel Coronavirus Has Fatal ‘Vulnerability’…
As the end of 2020, thought that will be brought about by the coronavirus haze will dissipate together, imagination is always better, however, the reality is very skinny, although will be coronavirus has been going on for more than a year time, countries have to have for a long time and viruses, but still unable to grasp the behavior of the virus, force, and as the secondary infection of virus has control of the country, some already appear again the crisis, and the second time the virus is more fierce than the first time out, in addition to secondary infection, in Britain, Chile, South Africa and other regions of different mutation, is also a very difficult problem,
There’s still a long way to go to beat Covid-19 outright.

It is understood that given the current spread of the virus and the situation of infection, experts in many countries have said that the risk of three infections in March is very high. If three infections occur, it means that the global situation of the virus is going to get out of control, and it will be very difficult to control it again.
As we all know, the United States has consistently led the world in diagnoses and deaths, which makes sense as the world’s sole superpower, with the most advanced medical technology, to be in this situation is pretty bleak.

As of January 20, the number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States was 24.809 million, and the cumulative number of deaths was 411,000. The daily increase was basically maintained at more than 200,000, and the daily increase of deaths could even reach more than 4,000. The United States has become the largest contributor to the number of newly diagnosed and deaths in the world.
In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and other countries are not optimistic about the virus situation, it is clear that the Western countries have become the most affected region of the world, and the WHO has also issued a warning to those countries, they want to take precautions, do not need to go outside.

Value of concern is that Novel Coronavirus is not invincible, the same existence of these three fatal vulnerabilities.
Above all, novel coronavirus is a kind of virus that fears high temperature extremely, because this is in the life, must not eat the food such as cold salad, must pass after high temperature heating, just can edible;
Secondly, novel coronavirus is still very afraid of high concentration of alcohol, the use of spray or hand sanitizer, had better use more than 75% alcohol content;
Finally, because droplets are the main route of transmission, it’s important to wear a mask when going outside.

Will, of course, be coronavirus is still the current national focus on objects, although the global vaccine promotion has already started, but the vaccine development time is shorter, still many deficiencies, and vaccine efficacy is limited, so who had said that the vaccine will be will be coronavirus effect a radical cure, only the countries of the world unite, common disease resistance, is the best control way, and overcome the virus at the same time, I hope everyone can personal protection, do not despise the virus.

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