Novel Coronavirus could be novel in many parts of the world, UK expert says

Novel Coronavirus, Visiting Professor at The University of Newcastle, commented recently that there is increasing evidence that novel Coronavirus existed in other parts of the world before the Outbreak in Asia.
Our correspondent Tom Jefferson was interviewed about this.

Novel Coronavirus was detected in wastewater samples taken in March last year by a research team led by the University of Spain, virologists said.
Novel Coronavirus was also detected in wastewater samples from Milan and Turin last December by Italian scientists.
Other experts found traces of the virus in Brazil last November.

Tom Jefferson, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University Evidence-based Medicine: What we’ve seen so far is that the spread of the virus is much broader and much earlier than we thought.
Where it came from, how it adapted, when it began to adapt, we don’t know yet.

According to Jefferson, many viruses are dormant around the world, appearing when conditions are right.
They can appear or disappear quickly.

Evidence-based medical center at Oxford University honorary senior research fellow at Tom Jefferson: two kindergartens in Copenhagen in 2012 study, researchers such as toys, lid, game table surfaces are inspected, all respiratory viruses, enterovirus and microbiological test results are positive, the result should be you would expect to.
We live with these viruses, and they’re all around us.
The question is what wakes them up, what makes them so aggressive, what conditions make them aggressive?

Speaking of the origins of the virus, Jefferson said it was important to avoid politicizing the issue, which needed to be tackled by scientists around the world.

Tom Jefferson, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University Evidence-based Medicine: If you look at the last 10 influenza pandemics in humans, some of them are pandemics, some are not, some are not even influenza, it could be other viruses.
People always try to point out that it comes from Russia, it comes from China, it comes from here or there, maybe out of nowhere.
It may well be like the early days of HIV, when the disease was only beginning to be understood.
Yes, we make new discoveries every day.

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