Labeling a Diagnostic Person as’ Hateful ‘: Verbal Violence Is a’ Virus’

A 26-year-old woman in Shijiazhuang worked part-time six days before she was diagnosed “, triggering public doubts.
On January 17, @Wisdom Changsha released an apology letter on its official Weibo account, admitting that the title had been misdirected and apologizing to the person involved and the majority of netizens.
At present, the client of Wisdom Changsha has deleted the video from the whole network, and at the same time, the editors and auditors have been fired, removed from their posts and given punishments of demerit recording.

According to the survey, the woman worked part-time from December 25 to 31 last year. The first case of the epidemic was reported in Shijiazhuang on January 2 this year, and the first news release on the prevention and control of the epidemic was held on the night of January 5.
In other words, it’s more likely that the woman didn’t know she was infected before she got a job, rather than that she had a job after she knew she was infected.
In this context, it would be inhumane to call the woman in question “hateful” for taking a part-time job after work.

It is said that “nothing is easy in the adult world”. Under the premise of not violating the local epidemic prevention and control regulations, the woman rode an electric bike to work in the hospital every day, and after work, she went to a part-time job in a tutoring class near the community, which also reminds many people of this sentence.
The flip side of “not easy” is the struggle for life, which is common to many people these days.
Because of this, after her unfortunate infection, her life trajectory as soon as exposed, aroused a lot of people’s empathy and empathy, sympathetic attitude to her accounted for the vast majority.

For a young woman fighting for her life to be diagnosed, she went from “honorable” to “hateful” in the eyes of some, a reversal of judgment that doesn’t make sense.
With the benefit of hindsight, the woman involved was asked to go home immediately after work and not to take a part-time job, which inevitably gave people the feeling of “why not eat meat”.

▲ A screenshot of Wisdom Changsha’s apology.

In the context of normal epidemic prevention and control, reducing aggregation and movement is indeed an important means to prevent and control the epidemic.
But this does not mean depriving people of the right to live, work and take part time.
The epidemic situation in Shijiazhuang is grim and prevention and control measures have been upgraded. However, the current epidemic prevention requirements should not be used to “trace back to the past”.

In fact, “working part-time for six consecutive days before diagnosis” is also a microcosm of a group survival ecology.
It is not uncommon for people to work part-time as takeout or online ride-hailing drivers after work, or to take several jobs, according to the confirmed transfer reports from many places.
It’s unfortunate to be infected, but it doesn’t change the nature of the striver.
Because of this, calling them “hateful” is emotionally and psychologically difficult.
What’s more, nowadays, “our common enemy is a virus, not an infected person” has gradually become a social consensus, and verbal violence against those who have been diagnosed is also a “virus” in nature.

Now, the official micro has come out to apologize, and the relevant personnel to deal with.
I also hope that more people can learn from the mistakes of others.

In the final analysis, society should recognize the efforts and struggles of ordinary people, and let the strivers feel the kindness and warmth of the world, rather than the maliciousness — this should not be different because people are infected with Covid-19.

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