Here comes the virus mutation!The country admits: all vaccines are ineffective!

The most terrible virus mutation is coming!
The country admits: all vaccines are ineffective!
Since will be coronavirus since the outbreak of a comprehensive, global response was positive, scientists have long made a prediction of the virus is likely to uncontrolled variation, original strain is not enough to fear, though stronger infectivity, but from China’s successful experience in disease resistance can be found in the original the spread of the virus can still control, statistics show that will be coronavirus mortality will be about 1%, compared with terrible virus, such as ebola, the plague seems will be coronavirus has been fairly polite, but the presence of the mutated virus relatively optimistic situation thoroughly broken,
What scientists have long feared has finally come true…

According to foreign media reports on March 5, the Italian authorities virus experts, o, caruso through research found that after the Lombardy region brescia appeared a mutant strain of Nigeria, worse, the new crown vaccine for this mutant strains was ineffective, the survey found that the local nursing home all the infection after vaccination, it is obviously not a good news.
In addition, the mutant strain has also emerged in the UK and France, which means that the vaccine is less protective for humans.

It took more than a year for countries to finally make some achievements in vaccine development. The vaccine developed by China, Russia, Britain and the United States has let the global public see the dawn of victory. Currently, many countries have started the vaccination work, but at this time, the mutated virus crisis is quietly approaching.
The UK was the first country in the world to have the mutated virus, and a surge in confirmed cases in the London area in September 2020 was a warning, yet Johnson chose to hide this from the public, allowing the mutated virus to hit multiple countries.

It is important to note that the local variation has also appeared in, health experts said that although there is no evidence to prove that mutation is out of control, but the fatality rate rise is for sure, if it is not early outbreak, the us and the UK are arms with the attitude of the indifferent, now Europe and the United States and the world situation is not so difficult, painful lessons tell us that to treat the virus must be highly vigilant, careless slightly can lead to completely annihilated, America and Britain are warning.

In view of the current situation, the who representative for countries around the world watching closely mutated virus at the same time, also want to strengthen prevention and control measures, in view of the high risk areas to blockade and quarantine measures such as strictly enforced, the experience of disease resistance was proved to be safe and effective, big western can fully absorb, of course, the vaccine promotion is also very important, after all, most of the virus is still within the scope of the vaccine’s defense, believe in the common efforts of all countries, situation will ease soon.
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