Four cases of mutant novel Coronavirus infection were found in Canada

On the 27th local time, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and British Columbia in the west announced successively that the earliest cases of infection of the mutant new crown virus discovered in the United Kingdom were found in the territory. Including the two cases in the Greater Toronto Area on the 26th, a total of 4 cases of mutant virus infections have been found in two provinces in Canada.

The British Columbia government issued a statement on the 27th that the case was returned to Canada from the UK on Air Canada flight AC855 on December 15. He developed symptoms during isolation and was diagnosed on the 19th.

The case in Ottawa is similar. The patient was diagnosed in isolation after returning to Canada from the UK on December 19.

In addition, according to the statistics of the new crown pneumonia epidemic released by the provinces of Canada that day, the cumulative number of new crown virus infection cases in Canada has exceeded 550,000.

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