COVID-19 highlights the shortage of antiviral stocks where is the dilemma in drug development

Due to the structural and mutational characteristics of the virus, antiviral drug development has natural difficulties.

More than 80 clinical trials of covid-19, including Chinese and western drugs, have been launched to find a specific treatment for the drug.Although some drugs showed initial efficacy, the final data of clinical results are still to be revealed.

Under this outbreak, China’s long-term shortage of antiviral drug research and development reserve is also prominent, so where is the dilemma of this kind of drug research and development?

As in the current outbreak, coronavirus was responsible for the outbreak of SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012.

“Coronavirus is an infection that most researchers haven’t studied for a long time, so here’s a situation where, suddenly, there’s no way for medical professionals to describe the use of targeted drugs.”Recently, the Chinese academy of engineering academician zhong nanshan said in an interview with CCTV.

China has approved 22 new antiviral drugs since 2015, but they have focused on chronic infections caused by HIV, hepatitis c and hepatitis b, according to imelda.22 drugs, and only four was developed by the Chinese native medicine enterprise, including cutting-edge biological pharmaceutical (nanjing) co., LTD., anhui baker biological pharmaceutical co., LTD., Shanghai diesel, developed by biological pharmaceutical co., LTD. The three are all a hotchpotch of HIV drugs, song li pharmaceutical industry (zhejiang) co., LTD., is developed by HCV drugs.

Zheng hang, associate professor of drug policy and evaluation research center, school of pharmacy, chongqing medical university, told China business news that there are several challenges in the development of antiviral drugs.Second, the acute infectious virus, or the virus that the human body may heal itself, may not appear for many years, leading to the lack of enthusiasm for research and development, clinical trials are difficult to carry out.

“The virus mutates so quickly that it is difficult to achieve so-called broad-spectrum drugs;Mild patients can self-healing, even mild rest conditioning can self-recovery;The market is too large, explosive sudden strong;The existing international antiviral drugs are all nucleotides, which are relatively complex in structure and require high technical difficulty, equipment and site conditions in production.Companies really don’t take it very seriously.”A pharmaceutical company engaged in drug research and development, also told China business news.

At present, drug companies are developing new drugs, which are difficult to be solved by distant water and close to fire. “new use of old drugs” has become the focus of researchers.Will be coronavirus belongs to the capsule membrane structure of RNA virus, the screening of chemical medicine for the treatment of the virus and developed mainly from the RNA block, the capsule membrane blocking mechanism of two direction, such as RNA polymer inhibitor drugs horse, wei, by increasing the virus/cell fusion needed inner body pH to block virus infection older drugs such as chloroquine, are being into the fight will be coronavirus in clinical trials.

The outbreak is a wake-up call for antiviral drug development to be taken seriously.

“There is a new drug research and development cycle, in this case, the evidence-based applied to existing drugs is inevitable, Chinese traditional medicine is a treasure, in addition, the listed modern drugs have also played for many years, but it is important to note that COVID – 19 is a new field of disease, all are now being applied to the disease of the drug, add new indications are independent in a strict sense, has not registered for examination and approval, is at best a sympathy for medication, people should at least make maximum use of evidence-based.”Zheng said that one of the problems exposed by the outbreak is that the post-marketing evaluation of traditional and marketed drugs has not been done enough, and reliable evidence is not enough. Real world research on listed drugs needs to be paid attention to.

The industry also believes that the risk of a global virus pandemic will continue to exist for a long time to come.Developed a antiviral drugs, however, not only need to put in a long time, at the same time requires extremely expensive costs, plus the virus is highly contagious also like new crown, short cycle characteristics, after a hard drugs developed is not necessarily return, therefore, to make drug firms it is very difficult to develop, set up long-term encouragement mechanism are also important.

“Antiviral drug development is easy, but clinical trials are difficult, especially not during outbreaks.In my view, the development of antiviral drugs should be regarded as a war reserve by the government, led by the government, and funded by enterprises. In addition to drug development, the diagnosis of viruses is also important, and the development of kits should be encouraged.”East China a pharmaceutical company in charge of clinical operations of the vice President of the first business reporter said.

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